If you are certain that you know your friends, colleagues or teammates very well, think again, because Zeguza can put you in a tight spot. Having all the characteristics of an ice breaker game, Zeguza is an excellent medium through which everyone gets familiar with each other. Participants are asked to sing a song “do what I do and say what I say” in such a way that in a jiffy the secrets come out. It is a perfect way to rejuvenate and in Discovery Village, games like these are called energizers. They are generally used at the beginning of a team building session or as fillers cum breathers between intense sessions.

Team game

At Discovery Village we organize many activities that enhance productivity and help build solidarity amongst group members. Innovative, out of the box, unconventional and spontaneous are some of the words which describe our games the best. Through years of experience in corporate training, Discovery Village has perfectly mastered the art of teambuilding. Zeguza and games of its kind not only barge through the fixed barriers of self-imposed limitations, languages, and prejudices but also help to tackle stress and pressure. The main motto is to make the groups believe in unity and diversity.

Shed your inhibitions

Participants are encouraged to discover their own potential and appreciate others too. The training also helps them to come out of their own cocoon, be more open to suggestions and be relaxed during criticism. The main objective of Zeguza or other icebreaker games is to bring a fun element to the learning process. A relaxed atmosphere is created and in this way, participants shed their inhibitions and share information about themselves, their aspirations, ambitions and much more. What makes these activities more fun-filled are the locations chosen for them. Surrounded by natural beauty, gourmet food, and amicable people makes the whole exercise worth experiencing.Discovery Village offers a vast variety of activities that can keep you engrossed for the whole trip. Right from adventure to water sports, from brain-rattling to quick, quirky, spontaneous games, everything is available under one hood.

Perfect getaways meant for all

Discovery Village resorts are located in Kanakpura Bangalore, Nandi Hills Valley, Kabini, and Masinagudi. Those who want aCorporate Day outing near a city can choose our resort in Bangalore. It is one the best adventure resorts in Bangalore. Other than corporate packages, Discovery Village gives attractive family packages too. Cottages in Masinagudi, situated in Mudhumalai forest range and surrounded with lush green Nilgiri Hills, is amongst the best resorts in this region. One can enjoy the Masinaguidi jungle stay and absorb all the fresh pollution-free air and breathe out the toxic energy. These quiet getaways with picturesque landscape give you undisturbed time to yourself and provide an opportunity to interact with different people. You can also go for long treks, or indulge in friendly archery competitions or just sit and relax by the campfire. All the activities in Discovery Village are designed to bring people together through fun and games!

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