The fast paced city life has left us stressed and tired. It has become difficult to keep up with the daily routine. Do you feel like you need a dose of energy? Reconnect with yourself with yoga. Yoga helps to calm down your body and reinvigorate your mind, soothe your senses and get recharged. Where better to do this than one of the many Discovery Village resorts. We offer the best family resort in Bangalore, where you are sure to unwind and re-energise your body and soul. The unpolluted air of our resorts brings you the tranquillity that you sorely desire. A session of yoga is sure to break the monotony, relax your nerves and recharge yourself to start anew.

Perfect for Everyone

A session of yoga or meditation is ideal for those who lead a stressful lifestyle. Individuals from a corporate background are often stressed with workload and over-exertion. Due to this corporate outing in Bangaloreoften include a yoga retreat for employees to help de-stress and revitalise. But yoga is not restricted to the working individuals. Children also undergo a lot of pressure at school. Yoga helps to channel your thoughts and improves concentration with consequent results in better productivity.

A Calming Ambience

The ambience is an integral part of a yoga session. A noisy environment only hinders your concentration and doesn’t allow you to calm your mind. Urban households are rarely without the noise and pollution of the city. Break away from the city life and spend a weekend at one of Discovery Village’shill resorts near Bangalore. The fresh air and the sounds of nature are the ingredients that make the perfect yoga session. Rid your body of the accumulated toxins and collect your thoughts with meditation. Reinvigorate yourself with different forms of yoga such as Pranayam and Surya namaskar.

What You Can Achieve

Discovery Village brings you many resorts with activities in Bangalorefor colleagues, friends and family. Each of our destinations has something new and exciting to offer for everyone. Having years of experience, we have a thorough knowledge of what our guests need and expect from a stay at our resorts – and we give them exactly what they want! Each activity is designed to achieve specific goals be it for relaxation or for team-building. Our yoga sessions, for example, are sure to bring calmness to the mind and new vigour to the body. Some of the other activities help develop leadership skills, enhance creativity and improves communication skills. Also, all our activities are sure to be fun and highly entertaining.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Every once in a while, it is important to disconnect from your daily life and disappear into nature to reconnect with yourself. A break from the routine accompanied by a dose of yoga is sure to help you gather your thought and re-energise yourself. Discovery Village offers many such resorts that allow you to unwind completely and achieve nirvana! Each of our resorts is a Zen Garden in itself where one can relax in a serene environment.


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