Tug of war activities

Competition is a great motivation to work and a healthy competition drives us towards excellence in our work. In order to instil the essence of healthy competition among the members of a team, we, at discovery Village offer a variety of activities that gives an opportunity for the participants to showcase their abilities, without compromising on sportsman spirit and the ability to play as a team to succeed. All these games aim at improving the communication and cooperation between the members of teams. Away from the confines of glass windows and cabins, you can enjoy an opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues and family in the most fun way possible, in a place that is right in the lap of nature. One very popular skill-based activity that all our guests enjoy, is the ‘tug of war’.

Show of strength

‘Tug of war’ is an old game where two teams are pitched against each other, putting on display their team work and physical strength. A strong rope is the only accessory you need to play this game. The centre of the rope will be marked and each of the teams will get one end of the rope. The participants from both the teams should pull the rope from their respective sides and the team which pulls it 4 meters towards their side is declared the winner. It’s a great game to encourage team spirit, boost the morale and self-confidence of the team, and to have maximum fun with a large group. We make sure you have fun between some serious adventure activities, by playing the tug of war!

The one stop fun and adventure destination

We offer a lot of other adventure activities that aim at showcasing and developing some key traits like leadership, team building, creativity, planning, and communication. We also have strategically designed ice breaking activities for shedding all the inhibitions and kick starting a healthy and positive relationship between members of a team. Not just corporate team outing in Bangalore, but we promise a great fun time for your family also, through our adventure activities and water games. Our resort located away from the city at Masinagudi is one of the best and most sort after resorts in Masinagudi Mudumalai area. We are one of the few resorts who offer zorbing in Bangalore. Our discovery village resorts located at Kanakapura road and Nandi hills, located amidst nature’s grandeur, is a great option for rejuvenating and reconnecting with all your loved ones, in the most fun and adventurous way.

With great feedback and compliment from our esteemed customers, we are one of the leading and most sort after adventure resort in Bangalore. We also provide all the facilities including food and access to the use of all our adventure activities for events like meetings, product launch, and corporate training. We also have the capabilities to host conferences and seminars, for those interested in conducting them, in a very calm and peaceful environment.

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