Star gazing

The quaint appeal of Star gazing

“Star gazing is for children” or “for those who have nothing better to do” – if you are someone who is thinking one these lines, think again. This is an excellent way to recharge your batteries, for professionals, students and families alike and that too in quiet and peaceful settings. Learn to see un-aided or use telescopes, it is a one-off opportunity to see the world beyond and experience the magic of night times with your team or loved ones. You may end up with many considering it as a hobby too. The extent one can learn in silence is unfathomable; the stars serve as a muse to our minds by helping us to transcend our minds by paying attention to our inner thoughts.

Hint of astronomy while Star Gazing for a family outing or corporate team outing in Bangalore
“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.”
At a time devoid of smog and enhanced by the natural beauty of outdoors, spot the seven sisters and learn about astronomical wonders. Look at stars or identify constellations – you will not be bored in a hurry. While wonder and fascination are certainly part of the experience, but admiring celestial objects gives more perceptive, more awareness and makes one more engaged with the world and adds as an excellent change for families and even ideal for corporate team outing in Bangalore.

Find your way through Star Gazing – night navigation
Learn the basics of navigating through the open spaces, with the trusty guidance of stars – one of the fun activities. It is an uncomplicated way of finding direction at night times and many attribute this way to be much quicker than using a compass. One star in the night sky that does not appear to move is called Polaris or the North Star and acts as a sort of lamppost. Along with the identification of “Ursa Major” constellation, one can find the True north which lies directly under this star. This being just one of the ways, there are more which you can explore at leisure.

A time to marvel at Celestial wonders while Star Gazing
Observe in awe the night sky’s brightest and most fascinating objects. Many of these can be seen via select telescopes from a dark site. A place away from urban areas, the outskirts of the city make it possible for you to enjoy even bright ones otherwise difficult to spot as it has minimum light pollution.

Now open during your stay in Bangalore, a whole new world by Star Gazing
Discovery Village offers star gazing, a simple but deeply invigorating and relaxing activity for teams and people who wish to add this to an outing or team event making it an out of the world and memorable experience. Whether you want to do it with a certain specific purpose or indulge in it as a pleasurable activity, go ahead engage youngsters and the old alike, schedule some time for “nothing to do” during your stay in Bangalore!

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