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The Swahili word “safari” means journey. Explore the forest; experience the wild-securely through a jeep safari. Set out on this expedition to see, learn and enjoy the marvels of the wild. Discovery Village’s Safari is one of its highlights. The itinerary includes a leisurely course around the famed Mudhumalai National Park and Wildlife sanctuary. Accompanied by a naturalist, we’ll make sure to point out sights and provide you enough trivia and facts to further enrich your visit. We also arrange for elephant safaris in coordination with the local forest department.

Safari to give you a sense of Adventure

Leisure? Adventure? How about a mix of both? Bumpy rides, rugged terrain and the safety of the jeep – you are sure to keep your eyes open and take in the beauty of your surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Catch a glimpse of the lone elephant or a lazing sloth bear. As your uneven transport advances through rough territory, witness a variety of fascinating creatures in an assortment of unique habitats.

Safari an eye opener to nature’s children, variety of flora and fauna

Shedding the green during summer, the trees take on a variety of floral hues while they revive fruits and tender greens during the monsoons. The animal world too shows diversity here, with a variety of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Generously covered with ample plants and animal species and set in a backdrop of lush trees in various blocks, this National Park is a sight to behold no matter which time of the year you decide to visit. Improve your sense of observation through this adventure, a great-to-have skill for working professionals and students. Or perhaps expose your tiny tots to these simple pleasures, on your family outing in Bangalore and around.

Take a Safari to experience the paradise of Wild-life

Spot the unique, near threatened black-and-orange flycatcher. Take a glimpse at any of the 15 big cats, including the Jungle cat and Leopard cat. Learn about ecology and need to be sensitive – a perfect way to send the value of your organization’s CSR objective during a corporate day outing for your employees.

Nature beckons you on a Safari

Marvel at Mother Nature and her creations on your Safari van ride. There is something for the bird-watchers to find through the binoculars, gorgeous greens to soak in for the nature lovers and a dose of marvellous wildlife for the photographers in your jamboree. Or just go with the flow, or should we say ride to bask in all of nature’s glory. Learn to appreciate the bigger picture while you gently unwind in the pleasing settings. 

Hop on a Safari to see Nightlife by the shining moonlight

..Or torchlight! Night safaris in open top jeeps can be arranged when you stay in Masinagudi. The night safaris are conducted on the peripheral roads running through the adjoining forest.

This ride promises a lot of “us-time” and alert eyes leading to point and show “Look at that…” to get some Wows “and that…!” to get more “Aahhs”.  Any wonder that it is a popular attraction for many gatherings – corporate, family and students?  So go click-click and capture those “moments” on Discovery Village’s Safari and experience it to remember a lifetime.



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