Are you an adrenaline junkie who is looking for a challenge and adventure? Take on the wild river itself with Rowing. Rowing is one of the best and most fun activities in water sports. Packed with energy, rowing is a physically challenging sport that will get your heart pumping. It is popular past time in many countries. Your main opponent will be the currents of the river.

Before you start, our instructors will give you a thorough training to master rowing after which, it is you and the river. Learn those strokes and get your blood pumping through your arms. Enjoy a thrilling adventure as you navigate the curves and currents of the river.  Unleash the adrenaline junkie with this amazing sport and conquer the wild waters!

Challenge Accepted

Rowing is a great outdoor activity for a Corporate Day outing. It is among the best team building activities in Bangalore. Team up with your colleagues and race against the river. Rowing teaches you how to work well in a team, especially while tackling difficult situations. Boating on the river is a laborious task, but can be made easy with a well-coordinated effort with your team mate. Rowing also tests your physical stamina and strength. What’s more, your natural instincts are also put to the test as you navigate the currents of the river. Competitive rowing may not be for the faint-hearted, but it will certainly get your heart pumping with energy.

Amazing Fun

Who doesn’t like water?! Water sports are always a favourite among the masses be it swimming or pool volleyball. Water is not only a source of life but also of amazing fun! Discovery Village has many resorts with activities in Bangalore where one can enjoy such recreation. Rowing is available in Discovery Village’s many an adventure resort in Bangalore and other parts. Row your boat gently down the stream while enjoying the scenic beauty of the nature around you. One must definitely try rowing in the evening to get a sight of the spectacular sunset through the trees. Take in a breath of fresh air and sip the cool water. Rowing can truly be an incredible experience.

What You Can Hope To Achieve

Rowing is as fun as it is enlightening. If you thought that you were a strong (or a weak) person, take on the river. A true test of stamina, instinct, and team-work, one can evaluate one’s skill as they are challenged by unpredictable waters. Weakness can be worked on and strengths can be uplifting as rowing teaches you to a very good lesson in coping with difficult situations. As a team, it is a great insight on how important coordinated effort is. Rowing will allow you to traverse through the untamed waters with the help of your team-mate.

Calm and Serene

Rowing is also a great opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. The Discovery Village destinations allow you to experience the very best of nature in all its glory. Gently steer through the waters, inhale the unpolluted air and savour the tranquillity of the clear waters.

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