Rope course challenge

Feeling up to a rope course challenge?

How about a change from yawn-inspiring speeches to awe-inspiring events during corporate team building? And then watch all aspiring people work their way going from “Me and you” to “us and we”.

Or should that be “Whee”!?

A ropes course is a challenging outdoor activity which usually consists of high and/or low elements. Low elements take place close to or on the ground. High elements are usually constructed in trees or made of poles and require a net below for safety. Our rope course challenge involves walking on a swaying bridge made of ropes, planks and wires, high above the ground. It is perfect for team building as well as for discovering a new side to your own self, safely.

Paradigm shift activity

Moving away from the safety of the ground on a rope wire bridge, even with harnesses secured in place and tested needs a lot of conviction both in your own self and the facilitators. It needs one to open their minds and go beyond its limits to experience new possibilities and radical outcomes.  From apprehension to cheers and jubilations, go ahead and add it to bring in perceptual changes.

Challenging your limits through a rope course

The limits more often than not exist in our mind. When faced with physical challenges, the enthusiastic mind is a great fuel for achieving targets. Unwind actively and learn to push your limits. Impossible you will see is truly nothing.

Overcoming the fear of heights

Overcoming personal bounds and hurdles due to fear, be it professionally or something like the “exam fear” students experience cranks up the brain processes and tunes one for higher performance too. When exposed to heights, most people experience some amount of discomfort and fear, which is considered “natural”. Conquer such fears or face more intense ones, with the assurance that our trained professionals will help you be safe and thus reduce anxiety. So, you can be rest assured that stepping outside of your comfort zone is made a tad simpler during these Team Building activities.

Balancing on ropes, cables

Learn helpful body postures; build agility- mental and physical while moving across using the cables and ropes. Use gloved hands to work your way with the help of cables. Bring out the brave hearts in your group the tough, rough yet thrilling way.

Choose a rope course challenge to build on endurance

This challenge is a wonderful opportunity to understand the limits of one’s physical and mental endurance levels. Jumping from one plank to another needs a leap of faith in testing your judgement capabilities. So does leaving the comfort of certainty to explore new horizons. A balance of stamina and use of skills increases one’s self-belief. Making swift decisions like quickly moving across the rope way or waiting to balance instils a sense of confidence.

Head to our conveniently located Discovery village kabini resort and hold your own on such a challenge during corporate outings, family get together and school/college picnics and experience the thrill within close quarters of the retreat.

Low elements rope course
Remember those wire bridges swaying inside the remote forests? Experience the magic of crossing one of them. This rope course is suspended in mid air. Grab the safety harness. Walk among the trees. Steady yourself on swinging cables. Jump on to moving planks.  Relive action, agent 007 style. This challenging activity nurtures your risk taking abilities. It’s a thrilling yet safe way to overcome the fear of heights. Once you cross over, you realize: nothing is really impossible.
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