Learning the ropes through Rappelling

Rappelling, also known as “Abseiling”, involves breaking the descent from heights in a controlled way. It requires sliding across a path by means of a rope and one’s security is assured by use of good knotting techniques, harness or other safety equipments. Rock climbers use this protected technique to traverse steep areas of a mountain which can otherwise prove to be dangerous. As a recreational activity, this adrenaline pumping activity is enjoyable across age groups, professional and personal backgrounds. There are different levels of difficulties to choose from, as a beginner all one needs is an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

An excellent paradigm shift activity- Rappelling
Moving away from a cliff on a rope, even after securing yourself to the best possible extent requires much conviction both in your own self and the team. As it is usually done in a group, learning to trust your partner or prepare yourself for unexpected situations is very important to begin with the process itself. It needs one to open their minds and go beyond its limits to experience new possibilities and radical outcomes.

Overcoming fear of heights while Rappelling
Overcoming personal bounds and hurdles due to fear, be it professionally or like the “exam fear” students experience revs up the brain processes and tunes one for higher performance too. When exposed to heights, most people experience some amount of discomfort and fear, which is considered “natural”. To conquer such, or, even more intense, fears through rappelling, this adventure resort has trained professionals to ensure your safety and reduce anxiety. So, you can be rest assured that stepping outside of your comfort zone is made a tad simpler.

Increase your self-belief by Rappelling
It not only gives you a taste of adventure but is a source of great boost for self-image. It needs one to rely on one’s own physical strength and learn to protect oneself in the face of danger, while also trusting the partner. Applying these from resorts with activities in Bangalore to everyday life, it holds the effect of the increase in the ability to test new ideas and thus promote innovation, be it in solutions in the corporate world or otherwise. Such a leap can increase faith in one’s capabilities. This can also help students to learn to see beyond hurdles.

Improving your hard Gear knowledge through Rappelling
Correct body posture, use of weighting gear and correct rappelling technique requires a certain amount of gear knowledge and immense mind and body coordination. It is an absolute must to ensure safety as a prime concern of this activity. Good equipment knowledge helps a lot just as knowing your team well does. A perfect choice for a corporate team outing in Bangalore as it defines the phrase “when preparedness meets opportunity”.

Rappelling is just one of the many outdoor options that Discovery village brings you and is a thrilling experience for any gathering like corporate outings, family getaway, school picnics or other informal congregations.

Harness. Check. Helmet. Check. Now, learn to slide down the rocky cliff side using a rope. Our watchful instructors teach you the right techniques, practiced by professional mountain climbers. Rappelling near Bangalore can’t get better than this..

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