Experience flight through Parasailing

Parasailing is an activity in which an individual is towed behind a vehicle such as a four-wheel drive or a motor boat while attached to this specially designed parachute called “para sail”. It is usually guided by an experienced and trained operator with the safety of the person ensured at all times. Experiencing the feel of a vastness of the sky and taking in a glimpse of the earth from hundreds of feet above, Parasailing is one of those outdoor activities to be enjoyed by all as it is a great recreational sport and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure activity.

Parasailing- An adventure in air
Parasailing is one of those activities where soaring above the flat land of pastures and experiencing the joy of flight like a bird in the skies becomes a thrilling prospect. Once comfortable, the rider can experience the joy, sit back and enjoy views at different altitudes. Life jackets, body harness and helmets are some of the basic protective gear included for personal safety.

Experience the beauty of self control through Parasailing
Though the rider may not need any formal training or expertise on the usage of the gear or about how to control the parasail, the experience demonstrates how control can determine the movement. The speed of the vehicle determines how much wind is gathered in the sail. Be it the direction of winds or otherwise, the rider has little or no control. So, such fun activities in Bangalore are also an exercise to learn about going with the flow and the fine art of balancing for a willing spirit. It teaches one and all on handling situations that are mostly not in our control in all aspects of our daily and work life, preparing us to face all situations at any given time with grace and a steady mind-set.

A giant leap in overcoming fear of heights through Parasailing
The person is attached to the parasail which works like a kite, only bigger and made of a stronger material. When attached to a moving vehicle, it gets inflated and with a few quick steps, one takes off from the ground, an exhilarating way to rise above your fear of heights. You can overcome initial nervousness through relaxation techniques. It can draw a great parallel considering that as with any hurdles in personal life or corporate team building, one has to only take a few strides to that giant leap of conviction, ascend in the air and thus success in business or personal life.

Discovery Village offers Parasailing as one of its must-do activities for enthusiastic teams and people who wish to add this dollop of adventure through an unforgettable flight to a family outing or team event making it a memorable experience. So, if you take this on – prepare yourself to be launched, experience blowing winds along with a mind-blowing experience before gently floating downwards to land back on the ground.

Parasailing is a fun activity, where you are attached to a parachute, which is towed by a motor boat. As the parachute lifts up in the air, you get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. Our qualified and trained instructors make this activity safe for you.

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