Paint Ball

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Paint ball is an activity in which players compete either individually or as a group. It involves tagging the opponent with capsules containing a water soluble-dye shot through a paintball gun. Players are required to wear protective gear like helmets and jumpsuits, and adhere to game rules. When played outdoors, it is a great way to unwind and is designed for learning to plan and act strategically. As a sport, it is a useful tool in corporate training as it teaches the players about working in teams and achieving targets together as a team.

Accuracy in hitting the bull’s eye during Paint Ball

Aiming and shooting need precision and timing. This is a necessary evil to excel in any part of life, for students and professionals alike. Paint ball provides the fun way of learning to do so. Hitting the bull’s eye is a taste of highs that one can experience by achieving goals. Some of the soft skills that can be tapped into through such outdoor activities are self-restraint, working with limited time while managing to attain targets with reasonable accuracy, teamwork and co-ordination.

Capturing the flag while playing Paint Ball

Though there are limitless variations of Paint ball, capturing the flag is a popular theme. Usually here, two teams have a flag. The object is to capture the other team’s flag, located at their base and bring it one’s own base. Opponent players can be “tagged” by the players in home territory. Depending on the preset rules, they can be sent back to their own territory, put “in jail” or frozen in a place until a member of their own team frees them. The “jail” is a pre-designated area where members who have been tagged remain. Knowing the consequences while working with a set of rules, makes one agile, think and act fast depending upon the situation. The constant analysis required by the mind increases the mind-body co-ordination. As a part of corporate day outing in Bangalore, it is a great way to instill corporate values and beliefs too.

Capturing the enemy territory during Paint Ball

Much like football, it is a team effort requiring dodging and mastery of physical endurance. Depending on the version, the time limits for your chosen game may vary. Leading your troops through challenges, keeping territory well-guarded, to successfully retrieve the enemy flag and rush back to your own territory, requires planning and, more importantly, execution.

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