Mafia – Are you game?

How many times have you been bombarded with the words like “Team Work”, “Creative Thinking” and “Analysing skills”, and lectured on its importance or you lectured on the same? Wish you had a fun filled way of learning it or imbibing it in your team or family and friends? You have come to the right place. We at Discovery Village offer you an enjoyable learning environment amidst nature’s beauty. There are various games conducted under the corporate package in the discovery village. These games have been designed to help corporate teams learn or enhance creative thinking, collaborative spirit, team management, team coordination and communication and leadership skills.

Make Your Own Gang!

One of the group activities which will excite you is “Mafia”. This game is played between two groups. One group plays the role of the mafia and another group of innocents. At the outset, each player is secretly assigned to one of the group. Every Mafioso is aware of the team members in his group but innocents are given only the number of Mafiosi in the game. The players might also be assigned particular roles like an investigator, doctor etc. The game consists of activities for night and day. During the night, a member belonging to mafia would murder an innocent. In the day, all the members will debate, vote and eliminate the prime suspect. This would continue until either all the members of the mafia are eliminated or mafia has outnumbered the innocents. This game helps to enhance your analysis and reasoning skills contributing to your team coordination and communication skills.

An Adventure in Your Backyard

We have our presence at four locations in and around Bangalore. We are among the popular destinations for adventure resort in Bangalore. We provide packages for groups, families, schools/colleges and Corporate Day outing. Our Bangalore Discovery Village brings you Overnight Discovery, Full-Day Discovery and Half-Day Discovery package packed with activities like cave exploration, survival camp, bull ring, paintball etc. This facility also has amenities like an amphitheatre and swimming pools. Our resort in Nandi Hills is surrounded by a picturesque view to help you appreciate the natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy activities like trekking, hiking, helium stick, rappelling or just relax with yoga. Our resorts in Masinagudi facility will help you relax, rejuvenate and bask in nature’s glory. It is located just on the outskirts of Mudumalai forest, which makes activities like trekking, campfire etc. all the more exciting and adventurous. There is nothing more heavenly than soaking in cool natural rivers or springs in this hot summer. So for all you water lovers, we have inaugurated our resort in Kabini. This facility host plenty of water related activities and adventures like building and rowing your own raft, motor boat ride, picnic by river side or visit the Nagarhole Wildlife sanctuary for a jungle safari. For adventurous enthusiasts, we have parasailing which will pump your adrenaline. If you are seeking a relaxing or adventurous as well as fun packed outing for your team or family and friends, do visit us and create a memory which will last a lifetime!

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