Knee the Ball

A fun game that helps individuals tap into their creativity is Knee the Ball. Many teams on a corporate day outing can play this game with one of two people in each team. The objective of this game is to pick up a ball without the use of hands or mouth and make sure it reaches the destination. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground at any point or else the teams will have to restart and try again. It ensures that individuals who are participating come up with unique ways to transport the ball to the pre-defined destination.

Playing the game

Individuals are divided into as many teams with one of two participants in each team. They are then provided with a ball, which could range from a tennis ball up to a football. Teams must make sure that they transfer the ball without the use of their hands or their mouths to the predefined destination.  Once the ball has been lifted, it must be at least one foot off the ground while being transported. If the teams drop the ball before arriving at the destination, they need to restart the task. This game ensures that individuals tap the creative parts of their brains in order to find out a way to transport the ball from one end to the destination.

Outcome of the activity

Knee the Ball is a short activity that lasts for about ten or fifteen minutes but is a great way to warm up the participants and ensure that the creative parts of their brains are tapped into. Individuals must come up with ingenious ideas to transport the ball to the destination. The game is a lot of fun and is applicable for all age groups. Teams get to interact with each other, learn and come up with ideas that may help them win. This game acts as a great warm-up activity and one of the best team building activities in Bangalore, as well as an icebreaker as it demands some amount of physical activity.

Fun and Relaxed Environment 

Knee the Ball is a fun and exciting game that harnesses a lot of creativity and ensures that the problem solving part of an individual’s brain is used. In order for companies to make sure that their employees are in a serene environment where they are not distracted, Discovery Village makes sure that all the activities are conducted far away from city limits in a space where individuals do not feel limited.

Discovery Village adventure resorts Bangalore makes sure that at the end of an activity day, participants learn something and go back with soft skills that they can put to use not only in their professional lives, but also in their social lives. Since some companies have many employees, this space also gives them a chance to interact with each other to get to know each other better which also helps them to function better as an organization. It is even great for a family outing in Bangalore. Subliminally, through these activities, individuals feel like they are a part of a larger team and responsibility is shared equally among them.

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