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Despite the concept of getaways for corporate retreats being on an upward trajectory, there are only a few places that can really provide wholesome experiences that meet all your expectations. Discovery Village is one such destination and a little planning ahead will help you choose the right location of your corporate retreat. For those looking for an urban setting with a little rustic set in, our corporate outing resorts in Bangalore are the perfect destination of you and your colleagues. Some of the activities on offer are cave exploring, rappelling, zorbing etc. For those seeking a brush with the wild, we have cottages in Masinagudi or for those who prefer a closer brush, we have a Masinagudi jungle stay. We organise treks through the jungle and have a host of other outdoor activities for you to participate in, including a shooting range. For those seeking idyllic retreats, our hill resorts near Bangalore are a perfect choice. Trekking, and rappelling, short rope course are some of the popular activities offered in our Nandi Hills resort and our resorts come equipped with conference halls and swimming pools too! In each of these locations, we have ensured that the activities we offer are tailored to your requirements. Apart from corporate getaways, these destinations can be perfect if you wish to holiday with your family or even just by yourself.

Corporate retreats are conducted with the aim to stimulate creative thinking, enhance leadership skills, improve communication and promote bonding between colleagues. These virtues are easier to cultivate when you are in idyllic locations, removed far away from the madding crowd, among friends, and are at your most comfortable. These are the features that are on offer at Discovery Village. Here, we understand the importance of such retreats and design our activities carefully to suit your requirements. Though all our activities are aimed at improving necessary corporate skills, we add a healthy dose of fun and frolic in our games. One activity designed to do just that is Key Punch.

The aim of Key Punch is to ensure that the given task of collecting the keys in a numbered order is completed before other teams can do it.  The rules of this game are tougher than most others and involve teams facing penalties if any of the rules is flouted. This game has the tendency to become intense and highly competitive and fosters a sense of healthy competition between the various teams and a sense of ownership and responsibility within a team. The importance of clear communication channels are key to this game as the key with the right number must be picked in order and co-ordination is required to ensure that there is always only one person at any given time within the perimeter set for the game. A mistake by any one individual can cost the entire team dearly. We cannot stress enough on the amount of fun you will have while playing this game with your friends and colleagues. At Discovery Village we host Key Punch and a bunch of other equally challenging, but fun-filled activities. So what are you waiting for?

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