Kangaroo Half Relay

In today’s corporate world, many companies are striving to make the workplace fun and friendly! A friendly and understanding team serves as the right recipe for a successful work environment. Before embarking on an assignment it has become imperative for the employees to get to know each other’s temperaments and start their association with a positive note. Ice breaking and team building exercises at Discovery Village keep all this and more in mind. We have designed a set of activities, keeping in mind the fact that people from various backgrounds come together to form teams. Such scientifically designed ice breaking activities, help corporate and families, kick start their association in the most fun and exciting way possible.

The best-co-ordinated team wins

The kangaroo half relay is an activity based ice-breaker game, designed strategically in such a way that only that team with better understanding and communication wins. In this game, the participants are split into two teams. Each team is given an object, a ball/stick/pipe. Both the teams stand in a line, and the first person rides the object and hopping like a kangaroo to touch a point and returning the same way. Once their turn is over, the first person passes the object to the next person in line and joins the line at the back. With an equal number of participants in both the teams, the team that finishes first is considered the winner. Coordination and synchronisation are mandatory for the members to execute this activity. In the process of enjoying the game, participants also strengthen their ability to keep directionality in mind, and hone the ability to be spatially aware and to be a team player. The activity boosts the confidence and morale of the participants individually, as well as, as a team.

More fun waiting to unfold

At Discovery village, we offer this and much more such interesting activities for a corporate day outing, as packages. These packages are categorised based on the agenda of the team outing, cost, interests and a number of participants, enabling them to conveniently choose what suits them. Our resorts are all located away from cities at picturesque locations. Our resort at Masinagudi is one of the best resorts in the Masinagudi area. Among hill resorts near Bangalore, our resorts at Nandi hills and resorts near Kanakapura road are perfectly suitable for corporate and family get-togethers, giving endless opportunities to enjoy and play, in the arms of nature! Our newly opened resorts at Kabini offer a wide variety of water sporting activities for you to enjoy.

Happy customers

We have to our credit, a long list of highly satisfied customers who choose our facilities for their leadership, team building and ice breaking exercises year after year. We also offer services for academic and industrial organisations to conduct seminars and conferences, in an atmosphere that is peaceful and brimming with nature’s beauty. With delicious food and access to all our sports activities, our resorts draw many companies to choose as a destination for product launches and meetings too!

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