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Corporate getaways are a way to avoid the monotonous drone of everyday office life. Companies come up with fun and innovative ways to conduct review meetings by providing the employees with an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in environments other than their office cubicles. These events are usually are packed with team building activities which focus on building confidence, opening up the channels of communication and cultivating the quality of leadership. Though there are a plethora of corporate outing resorts in Bangalore and other cities, Discovery Village stands out as one of the premier adventure resorts in Bangalore . Discovery Village resorts hosts a number of varied team building activities in Bangalore, each more interesting than the other, and has been sought after by numerous organisations as their number one choice for corporate getaways.

Events in corporate getaways are usually designed to showcase that working together as a team is full of fun. At Discovery Village, we host a bunch of activities like helium stick, A to B, and Blind Square to demonstrate that working together as a well-oiled unit can be an exercise in amusement and entertainment. If you are thinking about organising a corporate getaway, Discovery Village has resorts at four premium locations. We are the place to go for adventure sports and have earned our reputation as the leading adventure resort in Bangalore. The resort of Discovery Village offers you a number of activities among which one of the most sought-after activity is Jet Sprint.

Our resorts have a number of water sports to offer the adrenaline junkies like kayaking, canoeing, rafting etc. One activity among these sets your blood pumping solely due to the thrill of travelling at high speed across the water, is jet sprinting. Jet sprinting is one of the major water-sports events that happens in the world, and Discovery Village is proud to present the water sport to you. Jet sprints racing up and down the water, with their V8 engines roaring loudly in your ears is enough to send anyone’s heart racing, irrespective of whether you are a spectator or the driver. Protective gear is provided to the participants and care is taken to ensure that they are safe at all times. Should you choose to drive a jet sprint up and down the water, you get a lesson on how to handle the boat at high speeds and learn to navigate through the channels and watch out for those pesky updrafts. We promise that this will be one of the most thrilling experiences of your adult life.

Discovery Village has resorts inKabini Bangalore, Masinagudi and Nandi Hills. Between the 4 locations, employers and employees can bond over a variety of activities, all of which are designed to enhance your corporate skills and your fun quotient. You could be taking long treks through jungles, or riding a motor boat or having a quiet picnic by the river or just merely lazing around in a swimming pool. Whatever you choose to do, we can guarantee that the fun will never stop.

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