Human Knot

At Discovery Village, we offer many team building activities, so that team members not only share the potential for accomplishing group tasks but develop trust and support for each other and learn to respect each other’s differences. Many organizations organizeCorporate Day outing for their employees to enhance productivity and help them evolve into a cohesive entity.

Moreover, the busyurban lifestyle makes it difficult for families to spend quality time together. At Discovery Village, we encourage you to reconnect with your group, as well as with yourself, through fulfilled activities which are specially designed for the purpose. Happiness is one the most positive emotions we can experience, our activities encourage you to let your guard down and indulge in the unfettered fun!

Tied Up!

Human Knot is an activity, which works as an icebreaker game and helps people work in close physical proximity to each other. No material is required to form a human knot, except the participants. The participants are asked to stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder, in a small defined space. Then, they are instructed to raise their right hand and hold the hand of someone across them in the circle. Next, they repeat the same with their left hand but hold out the hand of the person left or right to that participant. Now, comes the fun part!Participants need to untangle themselves to form a circle without breaking the chain of hands. Generally, the challenge time of this game is anywhere between six to fifteen minutes. This game is tailor made for you to work in a group, have effective communication within the team and learn time management. It also helps you to showcase your leadership qualities. The team needs to think fast to win the game. Ideally, a group of 8 -12 is perfect to form a knot, but the game can be played with as few as four people. For a bigger group, more human knots can be formed and the first group to untangle themselves becomes a winner.

Plan a special Holiday

As team building is an ongoing process, Human Knot and many other activities can be planned according to your requirement at any of our four Discovery Village resorts. We offer a range of corporate day outing in Bangalore and you can choose a package depending on your budget.  Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Mudumalai National Park, our homestays in Masinagudi, offers a tranquil and quiet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. At Masinagudi jungle stay, you can soak in the exquisite natural beauty of your environment and rejuvenate. You can go for treks, relax around the campfire and take up any of the team building activities. Our resort in Nandi hills offers a haven of serenity amidst the chaotic lifestyle of the Bangalore city. It is a perfect getaway for corporate and families. Don’t forget to check out newly opened retreat at Kabini, which is surrounded by the forest reserve. We organize safaris for wildlife spotting or you can take up any of water sports offered by our facility such as canoeing, kayaking etc. Come to discovery village with the people who matter the most to you and have an unforgettable holiday!

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