Hoopla Pass

‘Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush’. Wait is it that simple? Here comes the catch. The participants are made to stand in a circle and the task is to pass the hoopla ring through each participant without the hoopla touching the ground. The game called as the Hoopla Pass is 10 minutes long activity.

Breaks monotony

Hoopla Pass is a perfect activity used for team building and comes under the category of ice breaker games. It is generally played at the beginning of, or in between intense sessions. A fun-filled filler-cum-breather, Hoopla Pass not only works on enhancing a team’s unity but also productivity as each participant has to help its partner to overcome the task. At Discovery Village, through years of experience in corporate training, activities like these have made a major impact on the team building process. We not only help the participants let go of their inhibitions but also equip them to tackle stress and pressure.

Team building with out of the box thinking

These activities barge through the fixed notions of self-imposed limitations, languages, and prejudices. Unconventional, innovative, and spontaneous are some of the main assets of these games. The main aim is to make the groups believe in team bonding. The participants are encouraged to come out of their own shells and reciprocate to suggestions and be open to criticism. In this way, they discover their own potential and appreciate that of others too! The main objective of games like Hoopla Pass is to bring a fun element to the learning process. A casual and downbeat atmosphere is created by the awkward task of stepping through the hoopla, with participants laughing at themselves and at each other as they contort themselves to accomplish the task. Be ready for tripping, giggles, and a whole lot of teamwork as your team works to complete this tricky task! What make these activities more fun-filled, are the locations chosen for them. Surrounded by lush green picture-perfect landscape, gourmet food, and amicable people, a trip to Discovery village is a memorable experience.

De-stress yourself

Apart from being the destination for a Corporate Day outing, Discovery Village has also been voted the best family resort in Bangalore. We offer great deals for both corporates and families. We have our resorts at Kanakpura Bangalore, Nandi Hills Valley, Kabini, and Masinagudi. Cottages in Masinagudi, situated in Mudhumalai forest range and surrounded with lush green Nilgiri Hills, are amongst the best resorts in this region. Masinaguidi jungle stay gives you the opportunity to absorb all the fresh pollution-free air, and indulge your adventurous side, going for long treks, participating in friendly archery competitions or just sitting by the campfire and chit chatting. These quiet getaways with picturesque landscape give you undisturbed time to yourself and to interact with different people. Thus, Discovery Village not only offers a variety of activities but also gives you a chance to change your outlook towards life and be positive.

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