Get hooked to Fishing

Wikipedia defines fishing as “the art of trying to catch fish”. We believe that there is more to it than what meets the eye, literally. It requires much thought as to selecting the appropriate hooks, baits, and picking the best spots. Fishing techniques include Hand gathering, Spearing, Netting, Angling, and Trapping. Angling that takes place on a catch-and-release basis is generally acceptable in many parts of the world.

Hailed as the best resort in Bangalore for team outing, our camp takes pride in the fact that it is run by the Karnataka State Government and is famed for its non-harmful style of Masheer fishing. You hook the fish, pose with it for a photograph and release it into the waters to help with conservation. Now, isn’t that a great way to inculcate a sense of responsible tourism in your corporate team, family or group of friends?

Line in Patience while fishing

Sometimes, one may have to go for a long time without a single catch. Fishing is an incredibly patience-demanding activity. In our increasingly stressful life, whether as a parent waiting for a child to make a life-changing decision or a sales executive waiting for a customer who is taking quite some time to settle on a choice of product, we see many such scenarios. Albeit some come with time constraints, all need the sereneness that patience brings with it, both on personal and professional fronts. The timing ability, waiting patiently till it’s time, needed for fishing will be useful later too. Instant gratification in a wild natural surrounding can be considered to be almost an alien concept. So, once you’ve dipped your line in deep waters, how about being at it a bit longer? This increases your chance of catching a fish as well. 

Fishing for Focus?

Concentrating on being well-versed about using fishing gear and understanding subtle nuances, goes towards adding to one’s power of focus. Visualizing what the baits are going to do below the surface of the water, being aware of surroundings to gather information like aquatic animal movements or sensing danger, all these go into making one adept at fishing. As with our daily life, it is not uncommon to lose focus, instead takes you one step towards more attention to tasks by making you mindful when distracted. Rest assured that you’ve made an excellent choice to do just that at this beautiful corporate resort and group getaway.

Bottom line – Have fun while fishing

Take to fishing at Discovery Village. Stay in Bangalore or any of our other resorts especially designed for experiential learning. Do it alone or with buddies. Include it as an activity or sport for your employees, family, friends or student groups.  If you wish to power your mind for excellence, still your mind, soothe nerves or break away from routine then head to the waterfronts. Who knows, with the element of surprise that this activity brings, how much fun you will have finding a prized catch or more?


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