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Surmounting obstacles: In any walk of life, the ability to meet challenges head-on and to overcome them is a useful skill. Problem-solving is one of the more sought after qualities that any organization looks for in an ideal employee. A skilled problem solver exhibits split-second decision- making skills, creative and out-of-the-box thinking, the ability to lead others out of particularly messy situations, shows forethought and must always plan two steps ahead. More importantly, he or she must demonstrate the ability to work well within a team, be able to channel resources available in the form of team members and must be able to clearly articulate ideas to the rest of the team. If you are wondering if Discovery Village has an activity that could showcase all these attributes of a person, you may be sure we do! We would like to introduce our dynamic obstacle course which has been a hit with almost all of those who have previously chosen Discovery Village as their corporate getaway destination. The objective of our dynamic obstacle course to ensure that teams are able to move from one end to the other end of the course. This involves the members of the team navigating through a course strewn with obstacles with the help of props provided, without touching the grounds with their hands or feet. This course has been designed to demonstrate that skill and determination, with a little support from the team are paramount if you desire to scale the course. Through this obstacle course we aim to stimulate the attributes of coordination and synchronisation, the ability to demonstrate clear flow of thought with respect to directionality, to be spatially aware, to work as part of a team, since most courses are designed to 2 or more persons’ tasks, to be able to listen to teammates, to boost self-confidence and most importantly, the ability to unwind and have some well- deserved fun. All this and more are achievable through a number of specially designed activities available as a part of Discovery Village corporate day outing package. Our resorts are located far away from the bustle of everyday city life and are planned to be a refuge for those of you seeking to escape from the fast pace of the city. Our resort in Masinagudi is located adjoining the Mudumalai forest. We promise that the first thing you hear in the morning and the last thing before fall asleep are sounds of the forest, making this one of the best Masinagudi resorts . Discovery Village Bangalore, is located outside of the city allowing you to enjoy a feel of the rustic not too far away from the city and is one of the most often chosen destinations for corporate team building in Bangalore. Our resorts in Nandi hills is nestled in the bosom of breath-taking beauty and a stay at Nandi hills or Bangalore will always keep you wanting more. Our newly opened resorts at Kabini offer a wide variety of water sporting activities for you to enjoy.


Teamwork, team building, collaboration, negotiation, lerdership, effective communication, planning, resource management, responsibility and ownership, problem solving, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking.

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