Henry Ford, American industrialist once said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. Keeping that motto in mind, many organisations look into team outing corporatepackages for their employees. Discovery Village Resorts packages and activities are designed accordingly. Through these, activities participants are encouraged to learn about themselves, each other, their leader(s), and how these components fit together to boost team success.

A religion in itself!

One of the most popular team building activities in Bangaloreis playing cricket. Cricket is a perfect team game. Played between two teams of eleven players each, it is a contest where two teams are pitched against each other, one attempting to score runs and the other trying get the batsmen out to limit the score!  The team which scores more runs wins! All you need is a bat and a ball to start playing. Generally, it is played anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours. Cricket is a great icebreaker as it opens communication channels among participants, teach you to implement effective strategies and learn about each other strengths and weaknesses and have fun at the same time. As mutual accountability comes forth, failure on the part of one can lead to the loss. Here, you need to stand with your team. and play for the greater good. It also helps in fostering leadership skills, as each team has a captain who makes decisions at crucial points.  In essence, cricket helps you trust each other and promote better teamwork in the workplace.

Holidays which nurture your soul

In modern times, our lives have turned into a gruelling race, running from one task to another, toward a finish line which we unfortunately never reach. This fast paced lifestyle causes physical, mental, spiritual and relationship health issues.  Our cottages in Masinagudiare designed to help you to find the inner peace and let your hair down. Situated on the outskirts of Mudumalai National Park, the serene and tranquil environment lets you rejuvenate and reconnect. You can indulge in a friendly archery competition, sit around the campfire, take any of our fun filled activities or simply relax, indulging in activities designed to strength bonds and relationships.

Choose from the best!

If you looking for adventure resort in Bangalore, you have come to the right place, as we offer a range of activities to choose from. You can play Twister, take up rope course challenge, try your hand in zorbing or just meditate under the guidance of our experienced coaches. Another place close to Bangalore city is our resorts near Nandi hills. Here you can take up trekking and catch the rising sun or play a mean game Paintball or go for survival camping which brings out the innate ability to  manage on your own in a challenging situation. We have recently opened up a new facility at Kabini. It is perfect for water adventures seekers. Try out your hand at canoeing, kayaking or master the oars and paddles. If water sports are not your cup of tea, then go for a jungle safari and visit the lush greenery of Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. Ranked among the Best, Discovery Village resorts provide holidays to treasure!

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