A busy urban lifestyle takes a toll on you physical and mental health. At discovery village, we aim to help you relax and get back in touch with your adventurous side and bond with friends and family. Discovery Village is a one-stop-shop for all that a worn out mind needs. Situated amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we provide the perfect atmosphere to soothe your body, mind, and soul!

The Perfect Corporate Getaway

The positive impact of team outings on the dynamics a group are now widely recognized, and Discovery village has emerged as one of the most sought aftercorporateoutingresortsinBangalorethanks to the facilities we provide. Our corporate programs like wild offices, family fun, just groups and outdoor schools are tailored to your needs and to help you and your group build camaraderie while opening up channels of communication. Discovery village has come up with innovative games to help you relax as well as incorporate or brush on some of the life skills like team building, problem-solving, out-of-the-box thinking, and etc. One such activity is ‘clap’ which aims to improve concentration and alertness.

If You Are Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

This is a very popular rhyme among kids. Clapping is not only an expression of joy but also conveys how active or alert a person is. This activity plays a key role in keeping your alert in enhancing your perception. Designed as a filler activity, you will find it popping up between your other activities to test how alert you are! It is basically a two-minute game which requires the participants to be arranged in a circle with their left leg inside and left hand stretched inside with palm facing the sky. The task is to clap when you hear the word ‘clap’.

Clap for Joy!

A person claps in appreciation, joy, or while enjoying some form of music Clapping is known to improve your mood. This game is designed to make sure you are vigilant and alert. It demands all you attention, requiring you to tune out everything else you may be thinking of, and concentrate on the cue on which you must clap. This activity keeps you on your toes and helps you improve your concentration and your reflexes. Besides, it is sure to be the cause of much fun and laughter too! This two-minute game which gives you a break from long and monotonous sessions is sure to leave you feeling fresh and ready for the next task at hand.

Our excellent services at Bangalore have been highly appreciated and encouraged by our customers. Meaningful Team building activities in Bangalore have made us the favourite destination for corporate outings for the weary tech-savvy silicon city. We are also specialized at family outings. Voted the best family resort in Bangalorewe have moved from strength to strength, expanding our team to accommodate increased demand. Our branches have now come up in Ooty and Masinagudi resort as well!Discovery village’s stay at Nandi hills Bangaloreprovides you with the best opportunity to view the sunrise and sunset at the picturesque Nandi hills, offering a rare treat for the nature lovers in and around Bangalore. Plan you next outing at one of our many resorts and enjoy the luxury of a fun- filled outing!

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