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Cave exploration

Get to know the unknown through Cave Exploration

Cave exploration or “Spelunking” is an activity that involves exploring caves to reach a destination and get back to safety, without hurting oneself in the cave, in case of natural ones. A somewhat quirky adventure activity, usually taken on as a group or team, one can learn the importance of respecting nature conservation, educate people about ecological concerns and is a nice way to instil a hint at the value of CSR in your organization, or to be practiced for enjoyment and as a means of physical exertion with your friends or family.

Ensuring your and team safety during Cave Exploration
Caves are inherently dangerous environments with many risks and most people find these as places out of their usual comfort zone above the ground. Usually it is never done by individuals. When done as groups or as a part of team building activities, this makes it an excellent activity to learn about pushing limits while ensuring much needed safety precautions. The importance of attention and alertness makes it helpful to bring in necessary skills like concentration and detail when you get back to studies or make decisions in corporate environment.

Cave exploration to take you from the security of urban living to Adventure
A far cry from the security of urban living, cave exploration adds a taste of adventure to trips. Finding the way around such formations either by natural light, headlamps and such gear is exciting. The experience of different surfaces and moving around limited spaces are an opportunity to know oneself and offer a helping hand to those in need. All these foster camaraderie and working together. This makes it a good addition for enthusiastic people even during a corporate outing.

Harbour the ability of following the instruction in Cave Exploration
Proper training ensures appropriate use of equipment to minimize risks, even if not totally eliminate them. The importance of leading and being lead, team spirit and the ability to assimilate information are all crucial. Knowing how to avert dangers gives the power of forethought. Knowing the consequences of even a moments carelessness makes one prioritize and act quickly too if need be.

Master Self-control through a exciting Cave Exploration
Often the rough surfaces and trails, along with pits and low ceilings, need one to crawl, wriggle or move slowly and patiently. Since people tend to be put through testing times, in work spaces, schools or home environments learning to deal with individual and team issues like physical fatigue or tripping and falling, helps in holding up in such times and builds on a remarkable amount of self-control and ability to manage emotions positively.

Cave Exploration to lead you to a first of many firsts
“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time.”

Discovery village brings you Cave exploration arranged from such an adventure resort in Bangalore is a thrilling way to learn how to kill nothing but time, know the unknown and is one of those fitting options for any gathering like corporate induction trainings, family getaway, school picnics or other informal congregations.

Forget the glass and steel buildings, hold your Wild Office in a cave. Nature’s nooks and crannies are great places to explore. Plus, they give you all the quiet needed to brain storm, discuss and get inspired. 

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