Canoeing to paddle away the blues

Canoeing involves the manoeuvring of a small, narrow boat across a water body such as a river. A canoe is a generic term for a lightweight boat. It is powered manually by paddling. Ours being one of the best family resort and a peaceful retreat, canoeing here is ideal as a calming activity as it is usually enjoyed by leisurely paddles on the tranquil lakes. Variations of the water flow make it an engaging activity. It helps develop the presence of mind, perseverance while improving the reflexes too.

 Overcoming fear of water through canoeing

Hydrophobia or the fear of water can be paralysing. Beat it. Defeat it. Our canoeing activity makes sure that you are well prepped for taking care of safety or to show distress signals if need be. It enhances communication and makes one more responsible. Strapped with a life-jacket and other necessary gear, we make sure you or your crew can take on this safe way of self-discovery through an area out of your comfort zone or pushing your limits through such outdoor activities in Bangalore and our nearby getaways.

Canoeing fosters stability

Canoes are built to be more stable. Posture and agility bring in balance. However, you need the right mix of co-ordinated movements and body balance to manoeuvre one. Learning to do so requires a dose of judicious actions. The bodily movements go towards more mindful involvement while having fun.

Canoeing to build on self-control

One’s canoe is invariably susceptible to capsizing. The Eskimo rescue and rolling are two ways from which one can learn how to shift one’s weight, use a paddle or another nearby canoe to recover. Excellent ways practice self-control and perceive effects of it. Parallels can be drawn to personal and professional life situations.

Canoeing to test endurance limits

Canoeing requires one to alter their actions depending on the water.  An understanding of one’s physical stamina and mental endurance levels and deliberately willing to go the extra mile is priceless for students and professionals alike. Needless to say, such an activity can have a huge impact on an individual’s productivity. It increases one’s decision-making abilities and the self-confidence to stand by them too.

A canoeing adventure in water

Learning to navigate the canoe, even across still waters can prove to be tricky. The nuances of learning about water flow direction and paddling techniques help when you are there testing this adventure by yourself or as a team. Moving through river waters can make a significant contribution in connecting to the present and thinking on your toes, crucial for students and those in business alike.

 “A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor”? Never mind. “Of a host of other water sports, canoeing is but a trailer”.  Or so we’d like to think. Discovery village brings Canoeing as a soothing balm to help explore, work around individual or team limits. It is a perfect getaway for fun corporate activities, family getaways, school picnics or other informal congregations not so far away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

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