Bocce is a fun game that can be played between two teams with up to 4 people on each side. The game is played on an asphalt court with one side throwing a jack to the far end of the court within a prescribed ‘zone’ after which teams must try and throw their balls closest to the jack.

This game relies on teamwork and accuracy in order for it to be successful. Teams must work together in order to make sure that their ball lands closest to the jack in the prescribed zone. This game generally lasts for about 30 minutes and is a lot of fun for everybody that is involved.

Playing the game

Bocce is traditionally played on an asphalt or natural court with specific dimensions. Bocce balls are made of metal or various kinds of plastic. The game begins with one of the teams throwing a smaller ball called the jack, from one end of the court to the other side, which has a prescribed zone. If the first team misses the zone two times, the other team is allowed to place the jack anywhere within the zone.

The team that attempted to place the jack goes first. After the first person in this team has bowled, the other team gets to bowl. The side whose ball is not near the jack continues to bowl until all four of their balls are used up, after which the other team bowls their balls. The team whose ball is nearest to the jack is entitled to some points. The teams receive one point for every ball that is nearer to the jack compared to the other team. The game generally lasts between 7 and 13 points.

Outcome of the activity

Bocce is a great game and is one of the best team building activities in Bangalore. quick game and encourages individuals or participants to work in unison with their team and be accurate with the throws that they receive. It is a fun game that lasts for roughly 30 minutes and ensures that teams have a lot of fun while playing but also pick up a lot of soft skills that can be applied in their professional lives as well.

Fun and Relaxed Environment

Discovery Village has the perfect environment to make sure activities are a lot of fun and away from the busy city life and for corporate day outings or family outing in Bangalore. Developing skills for employees is an important trait that companies should have and Discovery Village adventure resort in Bangalore makes sure that the space provided is conducive for learning. Bocce is an excellent activity that encourages precision, accuracy and teamwork amongst everyone that takes part in a very short period. It is the perfect activity for companies looking to make sure that their employees learn and pick up skills that can be used not only at the workplace but in their personal lives as well. Activities allow individuals to bond with each other and build a rapport among their peers as well.

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