Big sculpture

Big Sculpture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sculpt a human figure? Surely, you’re picturing yourself using a chisel and hammer and working on a stone to sculpt a human figure. Hold that thought!

Big sculpture is a human figure sculpting game with a twist. But, it does not involve the use of any sharp tools (for safety reasons). Instead, you will be using harmless balloons and garbage bags. Sounds interesting, right?

Improving skills
Big sculpture breaks the barriers among team members during corporate day outingsand engages them in order to win the challenge. Communication is key in order to win this game as each team member will have his/her own idea. It is essential to discuss the ideas and then select the best one amongst them. This can enable your team to work together towards a common goal and communicate efficiently with each other in order to devise a workable plan.

Another important skill that this activity improves is creativity. This is a great game for kids or for a family during a family outing in Bangalore. Big sculpture will get your creative juices flowing as you will have to identify the workable plan and decide on how to execute it in the shortest time possible. Following the conventional methods could cost you a lot of time. Hence, it is necessary to get creative and work smart in order to complete the challenge.

Identification of skills
If you’re the team leader for this particular task, then you will be able to notice key skills in each member of the team. Who can think of the most efficient plan? Who is a team player? Who can work under pressure? Who can be entrusted to make crucial decisions? These observations can come in handy when you’re distributing project work among the team members during your team building activities in Bangalore, as you can decide the most suitable person for a particular work.

Fun for Everyone
This game is suitable for all ages. Children can also play this game as it is safe and does not make use of sharp/harmful tools. They will enjoy it and will also display their creativity in a fun environment. It will be a treat to see their creative side and how different they play compared to adults!

Big sculpture is one of the top rated ice breaker games offered at Discovery Village. We at Discovery Village provide you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family/friends/colleagues in a fun and adventurous environment. Stay at cottages in Masinagudi or Nandi Hills for a trip you are bound to remember! We ensure that our activities are conducted in a peaceful environment far away from the busy streets of the city. You also get to know each other better and can identify the intriguing skills of your team members through fun and engaging tasks. People will be more relaxed and be more enthusiastic to engage in fun activities in a non-work environment. Over the years, we have dealt with hundreds of groups from various walks of life and have inculcated this experience into improving our organization which is reflected in our team-building, ice-breaker, creativity, leadership and adventure activities. At the end of the day, you take back memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

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