Balloons in the air

Balloon In The Air

Gone are the days when balloon games were just for kids!

Balloon In The Air is a fun game to play as it involves a lot of agility and quick thinking. As the name suggests, the only apparatus you need to play this game is a lone balloon. The objective of the game is to ensure that your balloon is floating in the air while you make sure that your opponent’s balloon touches the ground. If your balloon is still floating in the air while others’ balloons are on the floor, then you’re the winner. Watch the fun unfold when you start playing the game!

This game has no stipulated time, so get involved in an engrossing game that could last for hours or mere seconds!

Banter in action

There is a lot of activity involved in the game of Balloon in The Air. Running, jumping and competing with each other in order to keep your balloons intact will surely keep your brain busy and your heart pumping during your family outing in Bangalore! The humble balloon plays the role of a great ice breaker, and levels the playing field.

Strengths in play

This activity is physically intriguing and requires a lot of strategic planning. It will majorly test the participants’ spatial as well as kinesthetic capabilities, which is great for a corporate day outing or  or for team building activities in Bangalore. It will also test your agility. You will have to be quick and push your opponent’s balloon onto the ground but at the same time keep an eye on your balloon to ensure that nobody else is trying to ground it while you’re busy.

Why balloons?

From our experience over the years, we have realised that balloons help in bringing people together. It also casts suspense in the atmosphere. There is prolonged hope of what will happen next, while playing with a balloon. It is captivating to notice that such an ordinary object comes loaded with so many benefits such as concentration,

Tiny tots

This game can also be played by kids. They would enjoy it much more than adults as they are more fascinated by balloons than adults are. It is also fun for the parents to watch their tiny tots put in their effort and have fun at the same time to win a challenge.

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