Balloon blow-up

Icebreakers are an important part of corporate retreats. Be it meeting people from a different department from the office or newly hired office colleagues, icebreakers are a sure fire way of getting everyone to mingle. Meeting co-workers in a social setup might be the cause of some awkwardness, and a well-planned icebreaker could go a long way in getting rid of some of the stiffness and aloofness that tends to creep into such situations.

Icebreakers are all about trying to get everyone comfortable in the presence of each other. So how is blowing up a balloon going to achieve that? Balloon games are always fun and are played at any and every party hosted on the face of this earth. Balloons have become synonymous with fun and any icebreaker game themed with balloons is sure to be a hit. The idea is that you to be able to blow up your balloon in the face of your partner before your partner does. Our version of balloon blow-up is designed to lower the walls you build around yourself by encroaching a little into the private space of the person you are paired with, but encroaching is ok here because you are trespassing with balloons!

Corporate getaway destinations are in demand these days as organisations increasingly understand the need to give their employees a break from the stress that is part of their everyday office life. Not surprisingly, most of the eureka moments in the world have been when their originators have been involved in mundane activities – be it Archimedes or Einstein. At Discovery Village, we aim to provide you with your own Eureka moment by catering to fulfil your every requirement. We recognise that different people have different tastes when it comes to unwinding and, therefore, we have created four brilliant properties at four brilliant locations for you to choose from to play balloon blow-up or any other similar activity.

We are foremost among resorts with activities in Bangalore with the guests being spoiled for choice. Our conveniently located resorts are home to a number of activities like zorbing, dynamic obstacle course clearing, trekking, climbing, rappeling and paintball. The plethora of options on offer makes this the ideal corporate team outing in Bangalore. We also have resorts in Masinagudi and Mudumalai which border the jungle and are perfect for those looking to reconnect with the wild. Long treks into the forest followed by sharing stories around the campfire bring you the quintessential rustic feel. Discovery Village resort in Nandi Hills valley is very picturesque and the scenic beauty of the location is enough to shed those weary city worries and become engulfed in the marvel that is Nature. For those you looking for something more than peaceful staring at the mesmerisingly beautiful surroundings, you can trek, do yoga, try your hand at drum-jam, rappel, or just swim laps in the swimming pool. The resort at Kabini offers plenty of water sports choices including kayaking, rafting and canoeing. You can even take motorboat rides on the Kabini, try parasailing, or contently remain in your room splashing around in its own indoor pool.

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