Atlas In Your Head

 Everyone who has ever owned an atlas surely remembers what fun it was to look through it and see all the names of places and rivers flowing through them, trying to pronounce the strange names and wondering how on earth they got them! The colours of an atlas were so attractive and inviting, and it was fun to run your finger from place to place imagining how far it must be in reality.

Did you ever dream of sailing the Indian Ocean to get to Australia and go to London or climb the blue mountains in homestays in Masinagudi someday? Sounds a bit off? It’s a simple word building game with only the names of countries, cities, rivers, oceans or mountains found in the atlas.

Check Your Team’s GK

At Discovery Village, we’ve found the easiest way to break the ice during your corporate day outing or family outing in Bangalore with a fun word game. And if it’s one that requires a little bit of general knowledge then it adds a bit of a challenge and excitement to the game. We’ve all sat through terribly boring geography classes in school and never had big dreams of actually remembering all the names of countries and rivers in the world. Sure we’ve listed them out for tests and exams, but do we actually remember all those things we’ve learned?

Though this is just a 5-minute game, it’s a great way to challenge people’s memory’s and get them to dig deep into their mind computers to find answers to keep the game interesting. It shows how interested people may be to learn new things and how much time they have spent on the net finding out about new countries and their geography as well.

It may also bring out some characteristics of people, like helping others when they are struggling to find answers or accepting the fact that they don’t actually know an answer and take help from other team members. This will help them to communicate and make friends as well.

Discover With Kids

Atlas is a good way to get kids to learn their geography in a more entertaining way. This way they will be encouraged to look up new names and memorise them for the next time you play. Trying to remember difficult names of places, mountains, cities and rivers in the form of an activity is the best way to stimulate your memory to remember things by association.

It is more likely that your children will remember names from the games they played than what they have been blindly learning from a book. This will help to increase their attention span because they will start concentrating on the names harder so that they will always have an answer ready when it comes to their turn.

This game will help you bond during your corporate day outing in Bangalore or spend some time together as a family and learn together as well. Maybe your children will teach you a thing or two about geography if your memory fails you! Be warned, you might be playing this game through your drive home from here!

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