The first step is always the hardest in any task, and it is the same with team-building activities. The first step in any team-building activity is to break the ice among the participants during the corporate day outing or a family outing in Bangalore. We have an array of activities to do the same, and Appointments is one such activity.

In Appointments, you have to introduce a team member to your peer group and then that team member introduces you to the peer group. This elementary task can break all the barriers among the team members in a matter of minutes. You can introduce the team member in any way you want. You could list their hobbies, their favourite food, favourite TV show, favourite celebrities etc. You can also get creative and use a different approach if you feel that the conventional approach is too mainstream. Appointments is an indoor activity and can be played anywhere.

The duration of this activity depends on the number of participants and on the itinerary for the day. The more the number of participants, the longer the duration of the game. If you have many activities planned for the day, then the duration of this game will have to be shortened.

Why is it necessary?

Ice-breaking activities are one of the primary activities that need to be conducted so that the participants are comfortable with each other. Once that is established, they will be more interactive and will be more engaged in all the activities. It is imperative that the participants are comfortable with each other in communication enhancing activities as they won’t be able to share their ideas and thoughts with ease unless all the barriers between them are taken down.

Skills in focus

Appointments tests your communication skills and also helps you improve them. It gives you an opportunity to display your creativity. Communication skills are vital for any team member as it is not advisable to sit quietly during any discussion. At the same time, it is necessary to convey your thoughts in an efficient manner, especially during team building activities in Bangalore. To do this, strong communication skills are required. Appointments and other activities will help you do just that.

What can you hope to achieve?

At Discovery Village, we constantly update our activities to provide you and your team with the best team-building exercises. We have four locations outside the city to ensure that you are in a fun and relaxed atmosphere during your stay at an adventure resort in Bangalore. Team building activities can be effectively executed if it takes place in a calm environment far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hence, our scenic locations are perfect for a quick getaway. Over the years, we have dealt with hundreds of groups and thousands of people from different walks of life. We have instilled this varied experience into all our activities to ensure that you get the most out of participating in our activities. Our aim is to provide you with the best activities to enhance the skills of your team and also gift you an experience of a life time. Stay at any of the hill resorts in Bangalore to make your trip an even more memorable one.

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