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Corporate outing in Bangalore just became way more fun! Be it conferences or meetings with  specific agendas or just pure fun outings, Discovery village is well equipped to cater to your tastes and meet your every requirement. We not only host corporate outings but also provide the perfect option for those of you are looking to escape the city bustle with your family or even just by yourself. Discovery Village is the perfect destination for any holiday. If you are looking for a weekend getaway for your family or are an adrenaline junkie, you will find plenty of activities tailor-made to give you the satisfaction of a weekend well spent. Discovery Village is one of the best Bangalore resorts for families besides being the premier adventure resort in Bangalore. We also have resorts in Kabini, Nandi Hills and Masinagudi for those of you wanting to reconnect with the wild and de-stress in the midst of nature’s grandeur.  We, at the Discovery Village, have designed specific activities to make team outings fun with team building activities in Bangaloreor in any of the other 3 locations

Icebreakers are an effective way of making people become comfortable in the presence of one another. It is a fun way to set the ball rolling when people from different backgrounds come together and is often the first step to laying the foundation for effective team building. It allows people to build bonds with one another quickly, encourages team effort, and is an essential part of a company’s orientation program when setting up a new team. The flow of ideas from one person to another can occur only when the members of the team are comfortable with one another and given encouragement to familiarise themselves with members of their team. Icebreakers are a great way toward starting to build healthy and productive relationships between the team leader and his team.

We realise that the best icebreakers are those which are simple, and it does not get simpler than playing A to B! In this game, we have you form a circle while holding hands with the members of your team. So what are A and B ? Position A is when you stand facing inwards and position B is when you stand in the circle facing outwards.The objective of the game is for you to get from position A to position B without letting go of each other’s hands. Sounds simple? Try it and you will find out how tricky this can be! This game is designed with the specific objective of making everyone get comfortable in the presence of one another. Imagine all the crazy and innovative moves you would have to try, to get from A to B without letting go of your teammates. Better still, why to imagine when you can try it for yourself at Discovery Village and ‘discover’ how much fun it can be! This is one activity that is difficult to stop once we have set the ball rolling. Who said games are only for children! Come to discovery Village if you are looking for an adventure resort in Bangalore, and get ready for a memorable holiday.

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