A Journey to Experience Nature

08 June  |  Adventure & Travel

Photo Credits: Renatures

Being detached from nature can take its toll on your well-being. From clean fresh air to psychological benefits, you will be missing out so much if you don’t take time off and spend it in the lap of nature. There is no need to make elaborate plans for simple nature-related activities. If you are looking for nature trips near Bangalore, there are plenty of options.

Immersing yourself in a picturesque natural location will reduce anxiety and help you see beyond the daily routine that can suffocate even the best of us. A bit of wildlife sighting and some bird watching is never a bad idea. Kabini is one of the best destinations for nature & wildlife tours, and a trip here can include many exciting water activities too. If you are looking for the some eco-friendly Kabini resorts, Discovery Village is a popular option. Apart from the jungle terrain and river, visitors can indulge in some kayaking, a great way to really feel the pulse of this green and wild expanse.

Kanakapura’s dramatic landscapes are some of the most scenic places in Karnataka. There are resorts in Kanakapura Bangalore where you can spend a day with the family, teaching the kids the simple joys of playing in open spaces and discovering the little beauties of nature. A natural getaway provides the stage for some unforgettable family bonding. You can also look for resorts in Masinagudi forest, a great hub for wildlife photography since it is close to important reserves. Catch mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises and enjoy exploring the area with a trained guide.

Those who suffer from breathing problems and other health complications can really benefit with a weekend at an eco-friendly destination. A few natural excursions including hiking and camping can really help soothe the mind and increase the release of dopamine. Many studies relate better sleep and a strong immune system with outdoor recreation. A natural getaway also helps us connect with the other beautiful species that we share our planet with. After spending copious amounts of time staring at screens at work and at home, de-stress with some tranquil moments on a bird-watching trip to Nandi Hills. Just 60 kms from the city, these massive formations offer mesmerizing valley views and are home to myriad animals and plant species. Carry your binoculars and find some good accommodation in Nandi Hills. It is a hotspot of trekking and shutterbugs would enjoy the different sceneries that unfold in these storied ranges that overlook the plateau.

Before you head off to these nature getaways near Bangalore, make sure you have basic provisions like the proper footwear, hats, plenty of sunscreen, and rain-weather clothes because the weather can get unpredictable, especially in the coming monsoon months. Enjoy the experience with an open mind and expect a lot of new things to try out. You may even discover a new enriching and healthy passion. The best gift you can give yourself and your family is a nice time spent in the outdoors. Connect with nature and rejuvenate yourself.