A Fun Day Out With The Family

04 March  |  Family

As Desmond Tutu once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”.

In this fast-paced world with so many changes every day, we don’t know where the next day is going to take us. We may move cities, countries, even continents and the only thing that remains constant through all of this is family. The importance of family relationships and bonding is widely recognized as an indicator of improved emotional health for both children and adults.

A study conducted by Gail Fernandez, MD of the Child Development Institutes, suggests that children are much more likely to develop emotional and behavioral disorders when they receive inadequate or poor parentingand another found that healthy parental relationships contributed to a large extent to the stability of the family.

In this day and age, finding time to maintain these relationships is only getting harder with the amount of pressure at work and other engagements in life.  Holidays or outings with family have proven to be a stress-buster and a means of bonding for the entire unit.However, with the lack of time to plan and execute these events, family time has taken a backseat for years.

Here’s where Discovery Village steps in. From fun-filled day outings in Bangalore resorts to Homestays in Masinagudi, your time is made use of to the fullest so you maximize your fun and build stronger relationships among your family. With regular activities such as sports, lunches and quality time combined with our own unique set of bonding activities such as zorbing, trekking, survival camping and cave exploration at Nandi Hills Bangalore, Discovery Village will make the most of your limited time on holiday with your family.

Alan Krueger of Princeton University and Nobel-prize-winning psychology professor and researcher Daniel Kahneman led a study that found that of all the things in the world, humans are at their happiest when they’re involve themselves in leisurely experiences that are also interesting. Leaf Van Boven, of the University of Colorado, showed how vacations can make people much happier than material things can. This is because they create memories that cannot be compared with others’.

Discovery Village’s main aim is to ensure that you create the best memories for you to cherish with your family for years to come. A family is specifically characterized by love, which is the mind’s feeling of its own unity. Hence, our philosophy revolves around building this feeling through activities specifically designed for your family, ranging from a half-day outing to an overnight experience with professionals to guide you every step of the way.

Learn, grow and form connections with a fun day out with your family at resorts in Kanakpura roadat a price and time suitable to you. With wild weekend getaways planned exclusively to take you into the heart of nature where you can explore, or laze by the pool, indulge yourself in some quality time with the family.

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