8 Environmental Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel

26 April  |  Listicles

Being a responsible traveller is not difficult. Responsible travelling involves respecting the resources of the places you visit and assimilating rather than demanding. Here are some basic ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ if you want to be a responsible traveller.


No to Plastic

Image source:- plastic-pollution.org

Plastic bags have taken the human desire for convenience to a level where it is literally smothering precious eco-spaces. Completely unnecessary in most scenarios, these bags are used for a short span and end up becoming a waste disposal problem that will last centuries. That enough should convince you to substitute plastic for light jute bags or similar alternatives. If you do use plastic, ensure that you are reusing it over and over (and over) again and not leaving it behind where you travel.

Be Wise with Water

There are many destinations across India and the world where there is a chronic water shortage, but travellers do not feel the pinch as they usually get the most comfortable accommodations. Know your role, research your hotel’s energy and resource plans and respect the larger picture wherever you are. Long showers aren’t always necessary, and you can reuse towels.

Use the Bin

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Countless restoration projects aside, one person’s inability to put back wrappers in his pocket leads to a slide that ends up in impromptu garbage dumps in majestic forts, markets and scenic viewpoints across India. When travelling, keep your litter with you until you find a dustbin to throw it.

Do not Disturb

Never get into a habit of collecting souvenirs that may involve disturbing a site. This also includes scribbling on surfaces. Defacing cultural and historical landmarks is a criminal offence and disrespectful to the place you supposedly enjoyed visiting.


Keep Luggage Minimum

Travelling light gives you immense freedom. Reduce the number of expendables in your luggage. If you are catching a flight, try to get away with just enough for the cabin or maybe one more bag if it is a long trip. This is your contribution to reducing your flight’s emissions. Investing in some travel specific clothing is a good idea.

Plan Eco-Friendly Activities

Enjoy experiences that are in harmony with the surroundings. Choose destinations and hotels that complement the environment of the place with their design and facilities. Eat local produce. If your physical shape allows it, treks and walks are a much better option to explore places than from the rigid confines of a car. Use public transport more often – remember your carbon footprint.

Be Power Conscious

Image source:- Grist

A lot of destinations are burdened by a constant need of power, partly due to infrastructural demands. You can be more responsible by using fewer devices in your accommodations. Do not leave the TV on all night. Avoid unnecessarily switching on fans or the AC. Try the windows instead.

Recycle and Re-Use

Reusing bags is one step in the right direction. Instead of constantly buying bottled water, carry your own water bottle and fill it up whenever you get the chance. Products like the Lifestraw water filter also allow you to consume regular tap water without any worry. Get rid of recyclable waste the proper way; do not dunk it in random garbage spots.

Be Part of a Positive Movement

Travelling with a conscience results in a beautiful experience, where we act out our empathy towards the places we visit. It may seem like a speck in the universe, but your individual efforts to travel responsibly is a movement that is gaining momentum, one person at a time. Be the change by taking pride in your environmentally conscious travel habits.

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