7 Things That Can Ruin Your Travel Plans

19 October  |  Listicles

Are you one of the lucky people who are going to resorts in Bangalorefor a one day team outing during this festive season? Or have you planned to be unwinding at the best resorts in Bangalore for family this Diwali?

We’ll help you on your journey to happy vacationing by helping you avoid 7 things that can ruin your travel plans and have a tension free holiday. These travel mistakes might seem minor, but they will make a big difference.

So read on for happy vacationing tips:

  1. Drinking too much fluid

Drinking too much water, juice, beer … basically too many fluids. When you are at home or in your office, you know where the loo is. A holiday takes you to see places, and unfortunately, some of these places may not have a washroom handy. If you load up on fluids, you will end up looking for a bathroom and not at the view over the KabiniRiver. Since the state of the bathroom you visit is not under your control, try to limit your fluid intake.

  1. Allergies

People with food allergies and even those without need to be aware while eating in a group.It is better to ask, “Does this dish have peanuts in it”and avoid it instead of being embarrassed to ask, eating it and then scaring everyone with a visit to the ER. If you are lactose intolerant, ask for tofu based foods, instead of dairy products. If you have reflux or a sensitive stomach, enjoy yourself by loading your plate small teaspoonful’s of everything on the menu – you will enjoy the variety while keeping your stomach happy. Be aware of what you eat, if you present with allergy symptoms like an itchy throat, difficulty breathing or swollen eyes, you may be developing a food allergy, catching it early with a dose of an OTC antihistamine will give you relief and then the party can go on.

  1. Flatulence

  • Avoid gas producing foods if you are prone to flatulence. Beans, Mexican beans, rajma, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, milk products and high fructose and sucrose containing foods can all set off a bad attack of flatulence.
  • Try stomach calming drinks like lemon juice with black salt, buttermilk and warm water with honey and ginger.
  1. A fussy Baby

Travelling with a wailing baby can really put a crimp in your holiday joy keep these things handy to avoid crying jags which will test the patience of everyone.

  • Favourite foods and toys
  • A lolipop if you are going to higher altitudes
  • regularly used OTC drugs
  • a stroller
  1. Papercuts

The happy anticipation of a downtime can be foiled by things as simple as a papercut, or a bump on your head so be aware of what you are doing and make sure that you maximise your fun potential these holidays.

  1. Be aware of your belongings

Tie a coloured ribbon around your bag, keep your cards, wallets and phones safe in a bag which you can carry comfortably on your person through your trip. Avoid the panic of searching for a lost wallet or hotel room card.

  1. Pack an extra pair of shoes

Make sure you squeeze in a pair of light shoes as a backup so you are not left padding around barefoot if the heels of your favourite stilettoes give away or the soles of your favourite shoes come off.

A holiday can be either the happiest time of your life or a time that you look back on with horror. Keep these simple tips in mindto ensure that your holiday is a happy one.

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