7 Popular Summer Fruits

04 May  |  Listicles

With the summer heat beating down upon us, it is vital that we learn how to protect ourselves from the harsh heat and make the right changes in our diet for the season. Fresh fruits are a must during the hot summer months, as they can help hydrate and repair sun damage done to our bodies. So make sure you stock up on fresh fruits this summer. And why not? They’re delicious!
Here’s a list of seven summer fruits that must be a part of your diet this summer:

  1. Mango

Often referred to as the King of Fruits, mangoes are full of fibre, selenium and iron. The potassium in this fruit helps control one’s blood pressure and heart rate, and the Vitamin C and Pectin in them help lower cholesterol. Ideal for summer drinks and smoothies, mangoes also boost immunity, so don’t be afraid to sink your teeth into the creamy goodness of this wonderful fruit this summer!

  1. Watermelon

With high water content and a delicious taste, watermelons are the next best alternative to drinking water this summer. This fruit protects the skin from sun damage and is high in Vitamin A and potassium which help balance the fluids inside cells. Watermelons are great for your skin and hair, making them the ideal fruit for a restorative option after a day spent in the sun!

  1. Muskmelon

Muskmelons are rich in potassium, and they ensure that hypertension is kept at bay due to the blood pressure-regulating potassium. This fruit also has high levels of Vitamin A that strengthen eye muscles and keeps eye-related problems at bay. It even reduces the risk of developing cataracts! A great summer choice, muskmelons are sweet and have a great musky smell.

  1. Grapes

Readily available on every fruit cart in the summer, grapes are the perfect choice for a no-nonsense snack during the warm months. They quench thirst, stave away hunger, and even help in weight loss as they reduce the fat storage capacity of cells. Grapes help clean your blood and ensure the prevention of nerve-related diseases, as well as boost cardiovascular health.

  1. Papaya

A yummy fruit available every summer, papayas have a variety of benefits for both your health and your skin. High in Vitamins A and C, papayas prevent stress and cancer in the body and are also considered to have antibacterial properties. Papayas contain the enzyme papain which helps cure indigestion and keeps the gastrointestinal tract healthy by preventing diseases. This fruit can also be used to repair your skin as it has anti-ageing properties. It even plays a major role in weight loss!

  1. Lychee

Packed with benefits in the form of vitamins, minerals and a variety of nutrients, lychees are lip-smackingly wonderful to eat in the harsh heat! Lychees contain potassium which helps your body maintain fluid balance, and is also considered to be a vasodilator, which means that it reduces the clogging of arteries and blood vessels. They also have considerable antioxidant properties which help you reduce weight and protect your skin.

  1. Orange

A major source of Vitamin C, an orange is the most typical summer fruit. Rich in citrus limonoids, these tangy fruits help fight against skin, lung and stomach cancer. They even lower cholesterol!
Keep your diet summer-friendly and stay healthy with these fruits!

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