6 Ways to improve your stamina

12 April  |  Listicles

Vacation time is here, and you will have to shift gears and welcome a lot of travelling and physical activity. A holiday can get exhausting, especially when you load up your itinerary with things your corporate lifestyle has left you physically unprepared for. Here are six tips to increase your stamina during your travels, so you do not end up needing a break after your ‘break’.

  1. Keeping Hydrated

From a diet point of view, it all begins with hydration. Include as much liquids in your diet that balance your salt levels. If you are consuming more than your regular alcohol shots, then regulate it with glasses of water – spare yourself the lost day due to a hangover. Water can get monotonous at times, so spunk it up with some fresh fruit juice and shakes which will invigorate you with glucose.

  1. Loading Up the Carbs


Oatmeal may be a little boring, but there are very few equally convenient and nutritious breakfast items out there, packed with all the good carbs. Energy food of the ancient Inca warriors, quinoa has stepped up from its hipster domain and is a favourite for many travellers. Easy to prepare, this grain is perfect for quick meals and hectic itineraries.

  1. Easy Energy Foods

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Safe, fresh and available almost everywhere, bananas are a superfood for travellers. Bananas can be consumed in shakes too as they compliment a lot of other protein-heavy food. Other fresh produce that infuses you with instant energy are apples and carrots.

Beans and legumes are cheap, tasty and filled with the necessary supplements to keep you on your feet. These are available in many dishes so you have a wide array of tastes to choose from. Some moderation is required here but there is no doubt that coffee gives an instant caffeine kick.

  1. Protein Packs

Eggs are a rich protein source and delicious too. Choose a heavy breakfast with lots of egg white and healthy grains. If you are travelling in a seafood state/country then fish is one of the best endurance foods, being a protein rich source that is easy to break down unlike red meat.

Keep a stock of healthy food in your backpack for those bites in between meals. Dates, almonds and some energy bars will be lifesavers on a tiring day.

  1. The Physical Habits


Post a long flight or journey where you have been in a single posture, try out some basic stretching exercises like back twists and jumping jacks to release those muscles. These exercises will get the blood coursing through your body.

Uninterrupted sleep is very important when you are travelling. Some of us struggle to sleep when we are in unfamiliar surroundings so sometimes a little workout is necessary before you crash. Taking a walk around the hotel premises is a good way to give your body a light cardio and a signal to recuperate.

Take short naps when you can. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a 30-minute shut-eye in the late afternoon.

  1. Take it Easy

Squeezing a dozen activities into your short weekend trip is something that will look good in your trip album but will put your body under stress. Make sure your vacation schedule includes time to wind down. The joy of travel lies in serendipitous experiences too, so you always want to have some unplanned hours with no pressure to catch the next bus.

At the end of it all, the main intention of maintaining the right diet and adopting some useful physical habits is to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your vacation. Keep your body primed for all the fun, travel is not just about ticking boxes but enjoying the experiences to the fullest.

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