6 amazing boathouse destinations in India

21 June  |  Listicles

A vacation on a houseboat offers all the comforts of a hotel on your very own private boat, while being surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Crisscrossed with rivers, hemmed in by oceans and home to expansive backwaters, India has several locations where you may experience the novelty of living on a boat. Here are 6 destinations you may head to is you are looking for a vacation at a boathouse destination.

  1. Alleppey

The backwaters of Alleppey are deemed the ‘Venice of Kerala’,are situated in the southern state of Kerala and should definitely feature on your list while considering popular boathouse-vacation destinations. Known for it’s beaches, boat races and Ayurvedic spas, this is an ideal vacation spot for those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  1. Sundarbans

This gift of nature has been declared as a World Heritage Site, is a National Park and one the largest Tiger and Biosphere Reserves in the country. Travelling the distance through this park on a houseboat will give you access to sites and moments that no land safari can provide you with. It is also a better way of standing a chance to sight the elusive Bengal Tiger.

  1. Kumarakom

Picture Source: keralatravels

A small village in the backwaters of Kerala, Kumarakom has an extensive web of waters which make it an ideal spot for houseboats to ply. Being a prominent migratory spot for birds, travelling by houseboat will give you unrestricted access and unobstructed views of a variety of these magnificent creatures.

  1. Kollam

Picture Source: keralahoneymoontourpackage

Situated about 70kilometres from the capital of the state of Kerala, Kollam is a beautiful houseboat destination. Extending over a comparatively large area, a trip through these backwaters will give you views of the Portuguese fort, various duck farms, villages formed along the sides of the backwaters and the lighthouse.

  1. Chunnambar

Picture Source: globalvisiontours

Situated about 8kilometres from Pondicherry, along the Cuddalore main road, a trip down these backwaters should end in the beautiful ‘Paradise beach’, which is located at its mouth. If you choose to venture a little further down, into the sea waters, you might even get to see a few of the resident dolphins playing around in the waters.

  1. Mudaliarkuppam

Picture Source: blogspot

Located about 92 kilometres from the southern city of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, this is a good spot for bird watching. Further, being blessed with good weather through the entire year, it is perfect for any kind of travel schedule.

Vacationing on a houseboat is perfect for both friends and family. It is also a good way of breaking away from the very overdone, mainstream holiday ideas. You save yourself from missing out on beautiful sunrises and sunsets while being surrounded by the best that nature has to offer, the food is often some of the best as most of the resources are the freshest of the lot, and the pictures are truly going to be the envy of everyone on your friend list. So consider making this the agenda for your next vacation and be sure to check out one of the listed options for the best experience of the backwaters.

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