6 Alternate Workouts to Keep You Fit In Summer

10 May  |  Listicles

Summer is here, and you can probably feel the lethargy seeping into your muscles as the mercury rises and the news channels dictate alarming trends of heat waves. Keeping yourself fit and maintaining an exercise routine in the season is a mental and physical challenge. Choose activities where the exercise bit is an afterthought, and the main focus is on the experience. Here are 6 suggestions which will get you off the couch and into the thick of the action.

  1. Trail Running

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Trail running is more of an adventure sport than an exercise. With the right pair of shoes, you can get a cardio and endurance workout while exploring interesting landscapes, a far cry from the monotony of a treadmill. Add trail-running to your vacation plans too, whether it is a seaside holiday or a jaunt into the Himalayan foothills. Aside from the correct gear, make sure you stay hydrated.

  1. Swimming

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Swimming is a top workout for the summer months. Imagine getting respite from the heat in an invigorating activity that also strengthens your whole body. Aside from providing increased muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, swimming is also a great way to achieve a lean body and optimum weight.

  1. Biking

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Another enjoyable workout for the summer is biking. Discover some off-road trails or just cruise down a cycle-friendly lane in an urban area. Biking gives you muscle strength and is one of the best cardio workouts. If you are on vacation, look for cycling tours like nature trails or ‘city landmarks’ routes. Immerse yourself in new destinations, take interesting detours and also maintain your workout routine.

  1. Play a Ball Game

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Whether it is football or volleyball, a ball sport is just pure fun. Dig into your competitive streak, get some friends together and enjoy some five-a-side futsal on a half-pitch. A game of cricket is always a delight, allowing more physically varied individuals to play the same game. Ball games help you build endurance and are an all body workout.

  1. Go For a Hike

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The best exercises are those that don’t make you dwell on when they’ll end. A hike is a fun activity first because of the places you traverse through. A good moderate hike will help you burn fats while also adding to muscle strength. Another good activity for vacations, a hike lets you explore the natural highlights of your destination. Choose a nice viewpoint and head off for it at a moderate pace, stopping in between to enjoy the scenery. Remember to carry a camera, for those photo ops.

  1. Water Aerobics

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If you want to stay in the pool this summer, then try out water aerobics. A wholesome resistance training activity, it increases your balance and muscle strength. Basically Aerobics in shallow water for resistance, the activity is known to help stiff joints loosen and is recommended for sore muscles. It is also an entertaining choice of exercise, which makes it reason enough to try.

Now that we have listed the activities, there are a few more pointers. The main focus is fun; the workout will happen along the way. Ensure that you do not raise your activity levels suddenly. Split up your workouts and punctuate your running and biking sessions with refreshments. Keep yourself fresh with good amounts of rest; sleep is as important as exercise to stay fighting fit.

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