5 Tips for Planning the Dream Destination Wedding

08 February  |  Listicles

A lot of effort goes into making a wedding event memorable. A wedding in India is an important event where the entire family and friends come under one roof to celebrate the special occasion. For the hosts, it becomes a matter of pride to have a dream wedding which is remembered for a long time. You don’t need a destination wedding planning guide or be a professional to make your event successful.

Here are some simple tips to make your destination wedding a memorable one.

1. Book your marriage destination in advance:

The destination holds the key to a grand wedding. In India, the wedding season is marked by a substantial number of couples taking the vows of eternity, which makes finding a good place very difficult. Booking the marriage destination should be the first item on your destination-wedding checklist. Advance bookings will not only give a cost advantage, they will also allow you to plan the wedding ceremonies and functions, down to the last detail, and avoid last minute tension and rush.

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2. Select an appropriate decoration:

Select a theme and decoration which is in sync with the wedding resort selected. This will not only make the location more relevant but will also allow you to enjoy the place to the fullest. If you plan to book Kabini resorts in the jungles of Kabini, then going for a theme which is in sync with nature, like a tropical setting, is most appropriate.

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3. Choose a dress that fits the destination:

The idea of a destination wedding is to submerge yourself in the beauty of the place. If you have planned a beach destination, then the dressing should be in line with the surroundings. Similarly, if the wedding is in a royal setting, then the dress should be heavy and match with the royal theme.

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4. Put local food options on the menu:

Adding local cuisine to the wedding menu will give the guests a taste of local flavour and also help you save on the destination wedding cost since the local chefs will be able to prepare the dishes easily.
As the famous saying goes, the route to heart passes through the stomach, food is one item which people cherish and remember the most at a wedding. Good food is the key to make any event a memorable one. Hence, pay extra attention to the quality and mix of food items in the wedding.

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5. Schedule time to relax:

Most marriages end up becoming tiring with back to back ceremonies and events, leaving little time for people to relax and enjoy the destination. Plan a schedule which offers some time to relax and soak in the pleasures offered by the location. Resorts in Bangalore, like most other places, offer a lot of adventure activities, sports facilities and water slides within the resort premises itself. Setting up a sports competition between the bride and the groom side or conducting some fun games between the two parties can be a good ice-breaker session which will be enjoyed by everyone.

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A destination wedding requires careful planning and an even better execution to make the wedding an event to remember for life. By taking these small yet simple steps, you can ensure that your wedding ceremony will be cherished by all the guests for the years to come.

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