5 Things to do During a Picnic

23 August  |  Listicles

Picnics are the ultimate stage for leisure. You may be out with loved ones, or maybe it was the boss’s idea for a corporate day outing, but there is no doubt that you should always capitalise on this chance to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

  1. Sing Songs

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It is not often that you get to be in the open air with a bunch of friends with the license to be a bit silly. Hum your favourite tunes or go all out with some group singing. Of course, don’t annoy the other groups around you. Antakshari is an age-old Indian tradition when it comes to fun gathering, and what can be a more fun setting than a picnic on a sunny day?

  1. Go Fishing

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A picnic is more fun if the catch is from the venue, in other words, give fishing a shot. Fishing is all about technique and knowledge of fish-behaviour as much as it is about patience. Whether you are using a basic pole or a cutting edge fishing rod, the simple joy of fishing is one of the oldest and most timeless of pleasures known to man. You can research some Bandipur resorts that offer fishing activities along with picnic spots for a truly authentic experience.

  1. Walk around the park and enjoy the nature

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Sometimes during a picnic, we tend to lounge around near the food and chat with friends until we realise it’s time to go. Channel the inner explorer when you go for a picnic. Step away from the group and observe the plants and trees around. Soak in the fresh air, the verdant lawns and gaze at the water bodies if there are any around. There aren’t too many sights more soothing than the gentle ripple of a lake or a pond.

  1. Play a Board Game

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Picnics are a time to unwind and forget your daily chores momentarily. It is also a great time to indulge in some simple pleasures and bond with your friends and family. Engage in some board games with the kids. Ludo and Monopoly are all-time favourites. You can even opt for more interactive games like Pictionary.

  1. Fly a Kite

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You may have memories of childhood warming your heart whenever you see a kite flying high in the sky. Picnics mean open spaces and provide the perfect venue to relive these memories. You can also teach the young ones a trick or two; they might appreciate this simple outdoor activity in the age of technology.

Even if you have never flown one before, it is never too late to start. Flying kites is all about control and knowing the wind currents. Basics include standing with your back to the breeze and pulling the line in when the wind slows to give it some resistance and height.

Nandi Hills Bangalore and resorts in Kanakapura Road are nice spots to get away with the family for a picnic. If you are looking to venture further, then a homestay in Masinagudi is a great cosy base to soak in some nature and enjoy some picnics and other activities. These are the precious moments that we live for. Make sure that your picnics are wholesome experiences with lots of fun activities.

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