5 Summer Sports and Activities Only for You

24 May  |  Listicles

Summer time is not just about idle days and extended rest. It is also about catching up on some physical activity. Recreational exercises and sports are the best way to boost your endorphins and give you that feel good factor, not to mention a great way to stay fit. Here are 5 simple yet fun activities that will keep you primed for the slowest season of the year.

  1. An Ultimate Sport

The flying disc just became hip again with Ultimate Frisbee, an increasingly popular non-contact sport. The goal is for the team to pass the Frisbee amongst teammates while dodging opponents to the end zone, without taking steps while throwing it. A fun and simple game, it can be played indoors, on grass and the beach. The game involves a lot of running and agility as you try to negotiate opposing members. What better way to spend the summer than making friends and satisfying your competitive streak with the coolest new sport in town?

  1. Keep Cool with Some Swimming

If there is one activity that combines sport, exercise and summer, then it is swimming. Enjoy the coolness of a pool along with the full body resistance that water gives you. Once you get the hang of swimming, you can try out racing short laps with friends or just plain fooling around. As an exercise, swimming helps burn the fats while strengthening your muscles – all this without the mental exhaustion of a regular gym workout. How can you not take a dip now?

  1. Zip Away on Skates

You don’t need to step out too far for this next sport. Inline skating or rollerblading is a much more aerodynamic version of roller skating. Strap on these single line skates and test your balance and speed at the nearest parking lot or in your backyard. There are inline skating clubs you can join to learn the basics and catch up with other enthusiasts. Try out some freestyle skating on a flat area and can learn some basic manoeuvres. The sport is also considered a low-impact exercise, more efficient than jogging and much easier on the joints.

  1. Water Skiing Thrill

If you are going to hit the beach or lake this summer, then you need to try out some water sports. Skim the waters on skis as the breeze blows through your hair, giving you an adrenaline rush and a story to tell for the ages. Water skiing is also a great core muscle builder and helps increase limb strength. Also, you won’t stop talking about it to your friends for a while.

  1. Explore on a Cycle

Exploration and exercise are the dual benefits of a good round of cycling. You may want to cruise along on city lanes or hit some rugged terrain on a mountain bike, either way cycling gives you a thrill. A clean way to travel, cycling is perfect for vacations too, how better to see a new place than on your own terms and your own legs.  Pick up a lightweight bicycle or hire, make sure you have your liquids and your safety gear and you are set. Watch your endurance and muscle strength increase.

Summer is a great time to add new beginnings to your daily routine. Fitness is something that is a growing concern with every passing day, due to our lifestyles. These simple yet engaging activities listed are some of the many adrenaline pumping possibilities you can celebrate this season with.

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