5 Road Trip Games

21 March  |  Listicles

Whether it is sulking teenagers with all the troubles of the world on their shoulders or a restless seven-year-old who can’t appreciate 8 hours of endless wheat fields, family road trips can have their frustrating moments that undermine the specialness of the occasion. While the scientific community is still working hard on theories of teleportation, for now, you can kill some time and make journeys a little more appealing with some games designed for the travelling family providing some positive distraction.

  1. While you Were Sleeping

There is always the ‘one who dozes off’ in a split second. Have some fun with ‘While you were Sleeping’, a game where you create a story about what happened when the person was asleep. The narrative’s baton is passed to the next waking member and so on and the aim of the game is to relate the story to the member who is sleeping when he or she wakes up. This is a game where the points are just a foil to all the real fun as the aim is to keep the story alive and convince the sleeper that it happened. In case you want to do it with points, give minus points to the one who breaks character and points for everyone if the subject is convinced.

  1. The Alphabet Game

This game requires all participants to stay awake. The aim is to call out a letter whenever you see a word on road signage that begins with it and collect all the 26 letters of the alphabet this way. Only one person can claim a particular word from a road sign, and letters on moving vehicles do not count. However, these rules are not etched in stone, and you can always make a few modifications. In India, you can try it out with vernacular languages depending on your location. Good luck finding all 49 letters of Kannada or the 48 Devanagari letters, though.

  1. 21 Questions

21 Questions is a classic. You just need to think of something, and the rest of the group have 21 questions to narrow it down to the exact object. Everybody takes turns, and you can go on and on and on.

  1. Antakshari

This timeless Indian past time will never get old and will always be great fun. Sing a song, and when you stop, the next person needs to sing a song that begins with the last letter or sound of the last word that was sung. This can go around in the circle, or you can get competitive and make two teams bouncing songs at each other.

  1. Road Trip Apps

There are apps for everything, including road trip entertainment. Some of the following apps are perfect for the family trip. Karaoke Anywhere has a streaming library of over 10,000 songs for you to croon to. Family Car Games has a collection of equipment free car games that will keep everyone occupied. Mad Libs requires participants to prompt words to fill in the blanks of a story template. Hilarious scenes ensue when you have completed the story and read the random and sometimes surreal yarn aloud.

Family trips are all about bonding and dedicating all your time and resources to the ones you love. They are the highlights of increasingly isolated and busy lifestyles, and every second spent is important. Make sure that the long journey to your destination is also memory filled with these games.

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