5 reasons why team outings are important

11 January  |  Listicles


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In a world that is focused on satisfying customers and clients, companies tend to forget their most valuable asset – their employees. Without the hard work of each and every individual in the company, work would never get done, clients wouldn’t be made happy and the company could not survive productively.

Joining a new team can be an intimidating task, and keeping a team together so that they work and function as one cohesive unit can be hard in the long run – which is why team outings and team building activities are so important. Here are some more reasons why:

  1. Better communication: Most teams have a hierarchical structure which involves a mix of new employees and a more tenured crowd. The flow of communication between the two is essential to keep processes in place, and a team building activity teaches each member how to communicate in the best way with each other. While some may have a more direct approach to communication, others may prefer more formal ways – and a team outing can teach you exactly this about each other.
  2. Promoting creativity: When you’re stuck in an office all day long and only have the daily routine to concentrate on, a day out with some fun activities is just what your employees need. From activities that make you think, to those that make you analyse and innovate, your creativity finally has a chance to flow when you’re at your next team outing. This will also encourage workplace collaboration as you will be required to innovate alongside your team.
  3. Identifying strengths and weaknesses: A team activity where you are required to showcase a set of skills will help you identify where your skills lie. Whether it indicates a strong communication method or a weak collaboration effort, it will show you exactly where you stand, in terms of your team and your organisation. This will help the team leverage everyone’s skills while working, and protecting each other’s weaknesses.
  4. Developing problem-solving skills: When posed with an activity that requires you to think beyond your core job, you will learn to come up with ideas and methods that will help you solve issues that you may not have faced before. You learn to equip yourself with skills that could help you, both professionally as well as personally.
  5. Providing learning opportunities: At a company outing, you will learn about the skills and talents of your colleagues that you may not have had the chance to experience before. From someone who may know a language you’ve always wanted to learn, to an expert in your field that you could discuss ideas with – you may just have the chance to meet and learn from some of the best in the business.

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