5 Places to Visit around Karnataka with Your Adventurous Mom

08 May  |  Listicles

Adventurous moms are the best. They have their constant streak of energy, never diminished, despite the sacrifices they make to accommodate the needs of the rest. Treat your mom to a nice getaway and enjoy a special bonding amidst some of the best sights and sounds that Karnataka has to offer. From resorts near Nandi Hills to luxurious jungle camps in the Nilgiris, there are many options. Here are some top choices for places to visit with your mom.

Kayaking at Kabini

Photo credit: Discovery Village

The riverine landscape of Kabini provides the backdrop for an enchanting natural reserve. Your mom will love the peace and quiet of this green paradise, punctuated by the chirping of birds and the ripples of fresh water. Kayaking at Kabini is a must when you are in this neck of the woods. It is easy and ideal for your mom and is done with the best gear and experts on hand at all times. Wildlife spotting is another enjoyable activity at Kabini. You can find facilities for water activities in the best Kabini Jungle resorts.

Jungle Safari at Masinagudi

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

There is nothing like pristine nature and the sounds of the wild to recharge our souls. Your mom would love an escape to the beautiful forests of South India, where she can witness the rare species and rugged terrain up close. There are many Masinagudi resorts that offer comprehensive safari experiences. Some of the wild inhabitants of these ranges include tigers, leopards and elephants.

Explore Caves at Siddara Betta

Photo Credit: Weekend Thrill

Exploring the caves of Siddara Betta is another unique activity that your mom will never forget. The rocky landscape attracts many nature enthusiasts. Map the underground labyrinths formed by the unique rock formations of the region. You and your mother can also visit the famous temples of the region, located close to the caves.

Trekking at Nandi Hills

Photo Credit: Gore Tax

If mommy has a bit of an outdoorsy streak to her then exploring Nandi Hills is a great idea. Basic precautions to take include the right footwear and a small backpack with liquids and snacks. Take it easy on the trek – go slow and admire the surroundings. Nandi Hills will offer visitors a lot of reason to pause, it is home to many birds. Carry binoculars around so that your mom can get to see some of the bright feathered residents up close. Find some good accommodation in Nandi Hills to make it an unforgettable weekend for her.

Hit the Race Tracks

Photo Credit: Wild Roars

Unleash the competitor in your mom with a safe and fun-filled experience on the race tracks. You do not need a driver’s license for this so it does not matter if your mom does not drive. Enjoy a few laps and catch up over some refreshments before you hit the tracks again. Find good resorts near Bangalore where you can indulge in these speed thrills amongst many other activities.

Sometimes you and your mom may not have too much time for an overnight stay. There are plenty of resorts in Bangalore for one day outing, which offer adventure activities. There are many resorts near Kanakapura Bangalore where you can spend a day away from the daily grind. The region is known for its verdant landscapes. Make a plan and gift your mother an experience she will never forget.