5 mountaineering essentials

08 June  |  Listicles

Attempting to hike up a mountain is no easy feat in itself, but carrying a bag full of heavy and unnecessary stuff just because you didn’t know what to take on the hike isn’t practical either. So Here’s a list of life-saving essentials, that you absolutely have to take with you while hiking up a mountain, to make your planning a little easier:

  1. Navigation:

Rule one to a successful mountain hike is to head in the right direction. Carry along a detailed and updated map of the region you are hiking and also a compass to help you navigate effectively. Additional technology like GPS devices, altimeters, etc. can also be considered to help you stay safe and on the right path.

  1. Sun protection:

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Be sure to carry along and periodically apply a good sunscreen with optimum SPF of at least 15 and also tinted sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Make sure you buy sunglasses that are particularly made for this purpose as they need to do the job of keeping the harmful rays out of your eyes. Clothing with SPF protection can also be considered to keep you from getting any nasty burns from the extended exposure to the sun.

  1. First aid and Fire supplies:

Make a list of all possible scenarios and take appropriate medication and first aid supplies that will come in handy. To get you started, make sure to carry along different types of bandages including small adhesive bandages, gauze, scissors, adhesive tape, insect repellent, soap and disinfectant and prescribed medication, if any. Additionally, make sure that this bag of supplies is especially weather-proofed and kept safe.

Fires are going to be your lifeline through the cold nights up on the mountain. They will also come in handy to get your food cooked. Make sure you carry along a good supply of trusty matches and a fire starter to help you if the wood is wet. For this purpose, you can consider carrying along chemical heat tabs or even just candles.

  1. Food and water:

This is a no-brainer. While on the mountain, what you carry with you from home is all you will have to eat. Make sure to carry more than enough filling and sustaining food while making your trek. Trail mix and instant soup are good options to carry with you. Also be sure to pack enough clean drinking water which will be hard to come by on the mountains.

  1. Protection:

For your overall protection, make sure you carry a headlamp and torch, a toolkit with a sharpened knife and extra clothes to keep you insulated and protected from the cold. A whistle would also be a good item to add to your list.

All this being said, don’t shy away from taking along any item that you feel is essential to making this experience as joyous as it should be. Be prepared to be, both, mentally and physically challenged and enjoy that exhilaration that only being on a mountain can give you.

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