5 Healthy Tips for Your Summer Diet

18 May  |  Listicles

Summer is the time for relaxation and exploration, but it is also a season that takes its toll on the body. You might be taking a break from work or enjoying a getaway, but before indulging too much remember that you also need to stay fit and keep an eye on your diet. Not just while travelling, even at home the summer diet needs to be a continuous focus on replenishment and reduction of stress on your digestive system.

  1. More Veggies!

During the hot season, you are going to need to maintain a good presence of vegetables on your plate. Build up your vitamin C in these hot months while going light on the food – tomatoes and green beans are perfect sources. High fibre vegetables that are good for digestion include pumpkins and aubergines. Broccolis are a great dietary addition, packed with essential nutrients.

  1. Salad Saves the Day

Greens and salads are the lightest possible form of nutrition in the hot months. Experiment with a mix of seasonal fruits and veggies to create your own customised salads. Cucumbers are a shoo-in to the list of essential veggies as they provide a tasty way of hydration and are rich in potassium and Vitamin K. Lettuces, lime and celery are considered great summer food.

  1. Go Easy on Meat

So you are finding that kebab platter at the corporate night out irresistible? A large amount of meat is a big no-no during the summer months because of the burden it puts on your digestive system. Meat is tougher to break down, and the body takes time to assimilate the proteins, while red meat is known to raise body temperature. Look for alternative sources of protein if you can.

  1. Lay off the Fat.

Re-cooked oil is not just a summer problem, but when your body is already under stress from dehydration and high temperature, the last thing you want to feed it is unhealthy junk food made from questionable ingredients. Other foods to avoid include fatty stuff like potato chips and over-cheesed pizzas. Instead, try out mum or dad’s recipes at home and shave off half the oil required. You will have fun playing Masterchef, and your body will thank you for it.

  1. Fresh Fruity Delights

They are tasty, and they have an abundance of nutrients. Seasonal fruits are a joy to have, and we all have our favourites. Watermelons are great for rehydration, we already know that, but they also contain lycopene – an antioxidant compound and are known to help with muscle soreness too. Berries like strawberries and raspberries are packed with anti-oxidants, and Vitamin C. Mangoes, the quintessential Indian king of fruits, is packed with nutrients while also helping in improving digestion and lowering cholesterol.

So there you go! You do not have to give up on those not-so-healthy indulgences altogether, but it is always good to be aware of what your body goes through during the (in)famous summer months of India. Add some basic exercising routine to this healthy diet, and you will reap the rewards for it. Enjoy the summertime and eat well.

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