5 most extreme adventure sports for adventure junkies

05 January  |  Listicles

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Does the thought of jumping off a tower or rafting your way through turbid waters excite you? Does adrenaline course through your blood when you hear stories of scuba adventures and base jumping? Here are 5 of the most extreme adventure sports known to man, for all you adventure junkies!

  1. Base Jumping: BASE, which is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth is essentially hurling yourself off a standing structure of great height with just a parachute in tow. Combined with the intense speed and the height from which you jumping, this is one of the most dangerous extreme sports with a much lower mortality rate than most others. Similar to skydiving, but with a much lesser reaction time if your parachute fails, BASE jumping is legal in very few countries.
  2. Heli-skiing: True to its name, this extreme sport involves a helicopter and skiing as you jump off it, onto a ski slope. While you do have the options of skiing or snowboarding when you jump off the helicopter, the danger lies in the unknown with this sport – a weather change or an avalanche, for example, could throw even the most experienced skiers off course. As with each of these, you need a considerable amount of experience before attempting this sport.
  3. Free Soloing: Rock climbing is a tough sport in itself, but when you get rid of all the harnesses and safety nets that you may have, you have free soloing. A sport that requires immense concentration and strength, as a majority of the work is centered around balancing on your toes and fingertips, free soloing is not one to be taken lightly. You’re unprotected among cliffs where falling to your death is just a matter of one tiny slip-up, which makes this another in the list of extreme sports that you require a lot of practice before attempting.
  4. Creeking: Steep, low-volume white water calls for a mixture between canoeing and kayaking. Dangers associated with this extreme sport include getting trapped underwater and smashing into rocks. This form of whitewater navigation calls for specialized equipment and some reconnaissance before attempting to navigate the turbid waters. It is considered the most dangerous extreme sport today.
  5. Wing-suit flying: Always wanted to feel like your favorite superhero, gliding through the air with your cape flying behind you? Well, wing-suit flying is probably the closest that you can get to this! A special jumpsuit created for just this purpose (the wing suit), increases your area and enables you to navigate through the air while you’re wearing this suit. You do also take along a parachute since the suit does not give you sufficient lift to land safely.

While these are some of the most dangerous extreme sports today, there are more such as scuba diving, cave diving, bull riding etc that are very popular among adventure junkies. Many have also taken to performance adventure sports such as extreme ironing – taking along an iron board and box and pressing your clothes on some awesome cliffs!

Extreme adventure sports may not be for everyone, but the great thing is that there are varying degrees of some of them that you can try out, just for that little burst of adrenaline!

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