5 Essential Hacks for Travelling with Small Kids

07 December  |  Listicles

Travelling with small kidsis a very enriching experience. Family vacations are full of unforgettable moments and the bonding in a trip is unforgettable.  For older children, travelling is a priceless cultural education. A lot of new parents do dread the fact that a getaway with kids can have some avoidable moments. Here are some travel hacks that will help you plan a perfect trip with the little ones.

  1. Plan your packing

It is very important that your packing is planned well. Baby travel involves a few extra essentials, from medicines to sanitary napkins and special baby food, which might not be available at your destination. Then there are the different clothing materials to make sure the little one is protected from inclement weather.

You are basically packing on behalf of your small kids; it is highly unlikely that your seven-year-oldwill think of throwing in an extra jumper in case the evenings in Madikeri get a little nippy. Therefore you need to plan very well, for every scenario.

  1. Plan Travel Entertainment

What you are looking for on your trip is totally different from what your children are looking for in their experience. AT the end of the day, no matter how beautiful that sunset is over the sea, children get restless and bored. This can lead to unpleasant moments, a bit of a dampener on your perfectly planned (and expensive) holiday. Thankfully, that obsession with the tablet that little Nisha or Rahul has can be a blessing in disguise. When you are on a road trip, you can also engage the kids with some interactive games.

  1. ChooseKid-Friendly Lodging

When you travel with kids, it is important to choose a place that is sensitive to their special requirements. A nature-filled experience is always an advantage. There are Kabini river resorts where your small children can engage in activities in a safe and secure environment.

If you are going for a long vacation which involves some stops where you don’t want to take the kids, you need to find a hotel that provides day-care centre services. Check out the room pictures online to ensure that it is a safe layout for your children. Remember that they tend to fall and stumble around once in a while.

  1. Baby Travel Gear

When you are travelling with an infant, it is always recommended that you invest in some specific gear to keep the precious one comfortable and secure. Strollers and carriers will help with your mobility. Foldable cribs are also another great addition to your baby travel gear list. That way, your baby can rest safely nearby while you have your hotel room bed to yourself.

  1. Dirty Laundry Storage

Children get messy more than adults. Hence you will first need to pack from extra clothes to avoid expensive laundry bills, and, when those clothes start getting dirty you need to keep them separate from your main luggage. Carry plastic bags, it is the cheapest hack for this problem.

You can choose from a range of options for your family trip. It does not have to be a long vacation too. You can find a kid-friendly resort near Bangalore, or find a nice place to stay in Nandi Hills, where a weekend with the family with fun activities can be just the rejuvenating experience that you need.

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