5 Best South Indian Meat Specials

25 January  |  Listicles

When you are exploring Southern India you have to try the local cuisines to complete your experience. This part of India boasts a very diverse range of non-vegetarian dishes, from chicken and seafood to savoury red meat preparations. Here are some of the most celebrated South Indian non veg recipes that you can tuck yourself into.

Pork Curry, Karnataka

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No discussion of Coorg will be complete without a mention of the region’s signature dish. Pandi curry or pork curry is a meat lover’s delight. Along with the delicious proteins and fats of pork, you also get to taste the different spices and garnishes that will whisk you away to those verdant Kodava hills. One of the main ingredients that help set Coorg pork curry apart is the local vinegar or kachampuli. Pandi curry was traditionally served using wild boar meat but nowadays farmed pork is the meat of choice. Enjoy your dish with kadambuttu, or rice balls.

Gonguru Mamsam, Andhra Pradesh

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We all know how spicy Andhra cuisine can get. One of the hallmark dishes of this diverse cuisine is gonguru mamsam, a mutton curry made in culinary heaven. After frying the curry base (Cloves, cardamoms, cumin seeds, onions, ginger and garlic) pre-boiled meat is added into the mix along with other ingredients like red chilli powder, green chillies, ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, gongura leaves, turmeric, curry leaves, chopped coriander, salt and water. This mutton dish is best eaten with rice and generous dollops of ghee.

Chepa Pulusu, Telangana

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The chepa pulusu is arguably the most loved fish dish in Andhra cuisine. It is essentially fried fish thrown into a flavourful tamarind curry and featuring a host of spices. Pour water, add curry leaves and let the curry simmer for around ten minutes. Garnish with coriander and serve it with rice.

Chicken Chettinad, Tamil Nadu

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One of the most popular chicken recipes in the region is Chicken Chettinad. The fiery taste and amalgamation of multiple flavours is not just celebrated in its home state but across the world. The marinated chicken is fried in heated spiced oil (cardamom, cloves, cumin and cinnamon), fresh onions and curry leaves, and tomato for that extra zing. The curry should be garnished with coriander and served with rice.

Meen Murringakka Curry, Kerala

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If the one question on your mind is how to make fish curry, then Meen murringakka is a simple yet delicious Kerala dish which you can try out. This delightful sardine preparation has a mix of flavours. Salt-marinated fish is fried in oil and fenugreek. A paste made of tamarind, garlic, chilli and coconut along with fresh chillies, onions, ginger and curry leaves complete this dish. It is best eaten with rice.
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