5 Best places to travel in November

08 November  |  Listicles

November is here and the weather is perfect for a trip with friends and family. All over India, there are many destinations which come alive in this magical month, marking the end of another year and the onset of winter. From the spiritual to the cultural, here are some of the best places to visit in November in India.

  1. Pushkar, Rajasthan

Get a dose of vibrant desert life at the famous camel fair of Pushkar, one of the holiest cities in North India. This fair is one of the oldest livestock fair in the country and highlights include the exhibition of different breeds of horses, camels and cattle. The fair is also a showcase of local arts and crafts where you can pick up vibrantly designed jewelry, textiles and other decorative pieces for the home. Make sure you do not miss the camel races and riding skills shows. Top places to visit in Pushkar include the Brahma Ghat and the Meera Temple.

  1. Old Goa

St. Francis Xavier was one of the most influential and revered Christian missionary and his remains now rest in a silver casket in Goa’s famous Church of Bom Jesus. Every year thousands gather, as the feast of the saint is celebrated in total pomp and splendour. This cultural event offers visitors a chance to experience the original laidback Goan Christian culture, which has been overshadowed by the state’s modern image of a party destination. And of course, while you are in India’s vacation capital, you can check out the best beaches in Goa to complete your seaside escapade.

  1. Kabini, Karnataka

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As winter begins, you can celebrate the new season by stepping away from the crowds and enjoying some adventures in some of India’s most pristine forests. Browse through some Kabini resorts to enjoy memorable momentsin this part ofthe Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. The riverine landscape is a magnet for a diverse spectrum of bird and animal species, so get your binoculars and DLSRs ready. Kabini is also leopard territory, so watch out for this elusive cat in your safaris.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka

The verdant hills of Coorg could be your November destination. One of the biggest occasions on the social calendar here is Puthari, the harvest festival of the Kodava. The opening ritual of this auspicious day involves the cutting of a fresh paddy sheaf. Witness up close the rich traditions of this storied community, including the traditional attires and special local cuisines during the festival days. The opening puja at the Igguthappa Temple marks the beginning of Puthari. Highlights of this festival include various folk songs and dance.

  1. Hampi, Karnataka

The Vijaya Utsav is a beautiful spectacle set amidst the glorious structures of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 360 kms away from Bangalore. The annual festival is a cultural extravaganza as the lit-up architectural ruins provide the stage for myriad performances, a celebration of the region’s rich legacy. You can also immerse yourself in the local arts and craft during this festival – there will be stalls selling puppets and other local handicrafts. Decorated elephants and people in attire from the golden age of the Vijayanagar Empire are some highlights, along with a concert of folk music, an elephant parade and a light and sound show.

Besides these major destinations, you can also choose some nearby resorts in Bangalore for a good November getaway. Head over to Mysore for some cultural treats or enjoy rejuvenating cool weather in a Nandi Hills resort. A short vacation is the best way to recharge and refresh – start planning your adventure.

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